Halo Infinite Maxed-Out Battle Pass puts players in Limbo

Spartans fire on Recharge in Halo Infinite after maxing out their turns.

Screenshots: 343 Industries

A lot can happen in two months. You can spark a romance with the love of your life. You could get a new gig and move around the country. Or you could complete the first-person shooter’s 100 levels of battle pass that was intended to last three times at the time.

Yes, it happened to me: Earlier this month, I maxed out Halo Infiniteovercome the battle of. So how about now?

It’s strange to think about today, but when Halo InfiniteIts multiplayer mode launched in November on Xbox and PC, and players praised its progression system. You level up not by mastering but instead by earning XP from daily and weekly challenges. Some of those missions are either a tagline or offer a few points, contributing to the widespread view that getting through the battle for the first installment, slated to end in May 2022, is too slow. Programmer 343 Industries quick resolution of complaints by reducing the difficulty of the weekly challenges and tweaking the dailies so that you get XP for each match, meaning you can earn at least one level by playing six matches a day.

At that time, I protected the system, write:

Halo Yes never about these things. Since the days of Halo: Combat Evolved in 2001, Halo it’s always about the game itself — about winning matches just to win, about raising your mortality rate, about messing around and exploding with vehicles and weapons that bring Excitement you can’t find in any other game, then pairing them with ridiculous match parameters, all in an attempt to connect creativity with competition.

I’m still standing there—Halo It’s all about having a good time — but over the past month or so, I’ve noticed a big change: Halo InfiniteMy challenges and battles begin to determine how I play. Instead of playing for kicks, I participate in matches for the purpose of ranking ahead of my battle. Around the 80’s, I realized I was flying over it so I slowed down. Eschewing my own advice, I stopped using XP boost. I stopped beating weekly challenges when I didn’t care about that week’s rewards. I actually have a few days—and I know this can be hard to believe—play other games.

However, I still reached level 100. Three and a half months to go.

Of course, not all Halo Infinite The player limit has been reached and the total number of players is unknown. On Xbox, about six percent won the “battle-tested” achievement, rewarded for “battle pass completion”. On Steam it’s much lower, only one percent. But those stats are exhaustive. Firstly, it’s not entirely clear whether the “tested battle” will unlock when you’ve completed the season-long battle pass or one of the limited time event elapsed, like currently active”Online Confrontation” one. Representative for Microsoft, Halo Infinitepublisher’s, did not immediately have information about the requirements of the achievement in hand. For another, player feedback showing the “battle-tested” achievement was overheard, with some reports they hit level 100 in the seasonal battle only to have it stay locked.

But if these players were like me, they would have found themselves normally in a nominal space that we would consider “floating in battle”.

A spartan wearing a Shibuichi visor in Halo Infinite.

I call this visor “Absolutely worth it.”
Screenshots: 343 Industries / Kotaku

I can’t say that this muddled ending didn’t significantly affect my approach to Halo Infinite. This week’s bonus—a muted tangerine visor—is sick, so I’m playing very aggressively, diligently taking on any challenge. Last week was great too. Two weeks ago, however, the prize was a total flop, essentially a rerun of a pre-existing prize (a variation on the cheesy “sacrifice” symbol that appeared multiple times). in this season). If a friend wants to host their own party and challenge, sure, yes, I’ll join. But I don’t find myself playing much just for what the heck.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m still playing some silly money Halo Infinite. But over the past few weeks, I’ve been wondering what people do when they hit a progress wall. How do you fill the space between passes in battle? Halo Infinite still brimming with excitement for the new game (my third favorite fragrance), but can that sustain in future seasons? Missing 343 Sectors actively adding additional levels before the season ends — like some unreliable rumors suggested — nothing immediately came to mind, although I maybe there is something…

Okay, so after you reach level 100 in Halo InfinitePassing the battle, the XP bar will not be full. That said, after some matches I still get the level up message, with the sparkling diamond saying I’ve reached level 100, hint Halo Infinite keep tracking XP earned even after it doesn’t really matter anymore. There’s the smallest part of me that’s completely convinced 343 Industries should continue to show full XP bars for max players. At least you feel it’s like you’re getting a little prize, a pat on the head, despite the fact that you’re actually going away with nothing.

Or Halo Infinite can keep the status quo, and those of us condemned to hovering in battle can muster our strength to be content with, you know, play game. At the end of the day, that’s all about, right?

https://kotaku.com/halo-infinite-battle-pass-maxed-out-level-100-xbox-pc-x-1848400758 Halo Infinite Maxed-Out Battle Pass puts players in Limbo

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