GTA Trilogy Arrives On Steam, Still Broken (But On Sale)

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Today, after some leaks and rumors, Rockstar Games is releasing Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition on Steam. The good news is that it’s on sale, which means you can pick up all three classic games for cheap. The bad news: It’s the same notoriously messy remaster that hasn’t received a major update in almost a year. As you might expect, people aren’t too happy about the situation.

Let’s rewind a little to November 2021. A few months after that we reported first that Rockstar was planning a remaster Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and san andreas, the games released through Rockstar’s own store on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC. And while she could look nice-especially at night in some urban areas– it was bug-riddled disasters, filled with all sorts of weird visual glitches and bugs. The community has tried to fix some of this, but Many modders chose not to help after Rockstar spent the last few months leading up to launch chasing down old PC mods and fanports GTA games.

Rockstar eventually had to apologize to the community because the remasters were so awful. Finally rock star and Grove Street games have fixed some of the issues players had cataloged online. But the last major update for the game was here February 2022. Since then, the remastered trilogy has remained in pretty rough condition. So it doesn’t seem like the best time to release it on a new platform, and yet here we are.

Published earlier todaythe remastered GTA trilogy is now available on Steam. You might think that after such a long wait between the initial release on PC via the Rockstar Launcher and today’s Steam launch, Rockstar has released a new major patch to further enhance the collection. But while that’s a reasonable thought, that’s not really the case. Instead, these are broken and buggy games who have not received any update since then the small performance update in October 2022 that didn’t fix anything.

to be fair GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Editionn is currently on sale on Steam as part of a larger Rockstar Games deal, so you’re only paying $30 for three games. But it still seems pretty brazen to ask people to buy something that’s been reported as broken, buggy, and bad so consistently for the last two years, and not even offer any small patch to make things better in the first place.

kotaku has contacted Rockstar regarding future updates for the Remastered GTA Trilogy.

Of course, the players are not happy about that. On Twitter, in reply to Rockstar’s tweet announcing Steam ports, you’ll find many angry and confused players unsure why this has taken so long, why it’s still broken, and why Rockstar thinks this is okay. There aren’t many reviews for one of the classics GTA Games in the collection but early reviews are full of people complaining about bugs or the games doesn’t run well on the steam deck at all.

While some hope Rockstar will still step in, patch these games and fix any visual bugs and other issues that seem unlikely after today. Instead, it seems to be as good as it gets. Not to mention, Rockstar plans to release these games to the Epic Store later this month as well. It seems as if time fix it GTA III, Vice City, and san andreas has expired and Rockstar is ready to move on. Too bad. GTA Trilogy Arrives On Steam, Still Broken (But On Sale)

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