Golf gift guide, holiday season 2021: Distance meters, golf tongs among must-haves

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It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time for the golfer in your life to start stocking up for 2022. Golfing has thrived over the past few years, especially the outdoors, and we’ve summed it up. assemble an amazing collection of tools, accessories and products that will be a delight for anyone obsessed with the game.

Season 1 dropped a week ago, but we don’t have enough room to cover everything. So as a sequel to that, here’s Part 2.

Travis Mathew Crystal Cove 2.0 ($125): Travis Mathew has always made high-quality gear, and this zip-up is perfect for both casual wear and the course. It’s light, warm, and looks great at the same time. I also love what they did with their logo here. It complements their look well.

Travis Mathew

Super stroke handle ($30): I was playing golf with a friend the other day, and he said, “You know what I wish we’d come up with? Super Stoke.” Here too. All their grips are superb and you really can’t go wrong, depending on how you want to feel when you place. I’m in the middle of the pack with the Pistol 1.0, landing between the GT Tour and GT 2.0 in terms of size.

Super stroke

Bushnell Golf Phantom 2 ($130): When it comes to ease of use, it’s hard to beat the Bushnell Golf Phantom 2 GPS device. You can connect it magnetically to your golf cart or carry it around, and it provides a GPS distance to the front. and the back of the lawn. A worthy alternative to more expensive options in this particular golfing genre.


Putty (Price varies): I recently visited Puttery with a friend and although I didn’t think it would become a Friday night thing for me, I had a good time. The food and drinks are excellent and this is a great hangout spot for a date or a party with friends. The courses – think Topgolf but for the indoor game of putt-putt – are enjoyable though not amazing, but this is where golfing is mostly secondary to spending quality time with those who do. people around us.

Meat Stuffer Golf gift guide, holiday season 2021: Distance meters, golf tongs among must-haves

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