Goku can’t beat Superman or any other anime hero

Son Goku: The main character in Dragon Ball, a trained alien warrior and a pretty strong guy. But how powerful is it really? Hardcore fans can tell you that no one out there can beat Goku in a fight.

But consider this: Tony Tony Chopper is my sweet baby and will therefore beat Goku because I said so.

Since the 1980s, fans have been thrilled with the controversy over Goku and his powers. As well as having a major influence on other manga and anime, Dragon Ball is one of the earliest Japanese series to gain popularity in the West. First spread through fan-translated and manga-published bootlegs, it eventually aired on U.S. television in the late 1990s, albeit with several false starts before its success. . During those years, anime found its way into Western audiences, but it hasn’t yet become as popular as it is now.


An age-old question that pervades entire pop culture: “Who will win?” That’s why we spent the week arguing that have shaped comic books, movies, TV, and games, for better and for worse. Get ready for Polygon’s Who Will Win Week.

That’s probably why the first fan wanted to make a case for its protagonist instead of characters from the more popular manga and TV shows of the day. Of course, one of the absurdities of the argument is that just because a character is so powerful, it doesn’t mean the media is inherently good. But Goku’s strength is the main focus of Dragon Ball stories. Like so many shōnen protagonists, he constantly fights against increasingly powerful enemies, and in turn becomes stronger. Dragon Ball gives strength which is a simple numeric stat in the form of strength level – you may have heard of that time Goku crossed the 9000 threshold.

The manga and anime’s emphasis on Goku is very very very strong making it a frequent source of public interest. And fans in the 90s and 2000s took notice of Goku and his power as an icon for their niche. For example: “Goku vs. Superman” has become a classic match. Since both are powerful beings native to different planets, the comparison would make a lot of sense. But Superman, one of the most popular and beloved comic book characters of all time, needs no excuses. On the other hand, Goku is part of the new wave. And nothing inspires passion more than a fandom that sees itself as an outsider.


In 2002, Wizard magazine published a hypothetical front-page fight between Goku and Superman titled “East vs. West”. (Goku won.) A popular webcomic won in 2003 and expanded the competition. As Dragon Ball grew in popularity and the influence of online fandom increased, fans began to target any creative work that supported Superman. A 2009 video depicting the American hero’s victory garnered millions of views, but also a 75% dislike rate and a wave of angry comments.

Since the 2010s, this trend of evangelizing Goku has been seen as a joke stereotype, making it popular as a meme. Dragon Ball fans are no longer underdogs. With anime and manga basically going mainstream, and Dragon Ball being one of the most popular and influential of them all, the script has been turned upside down. People, especially fans of other anime series, started mocking the perceived tendency of Goku stans to engage in their discussions to talk about Goku’s strength compared to any other character. other main points in the conversation, regardless of any other subjective considerations of quality or enjoyment.

It helps to keep the joke underpinned by actual behavior. To this day, it’s easy to find feedback fans memes with overly serious explanations of Goku’s strength, this only enhances its power. After all, nothing sparks online ridicule more than earnestness.

On the other hand, as Japanese media grows in popularity, there are people who try to exclude others based on their authoritarian sense of superiority. According to the gatekeepers, people are not “true fans” if they have not seen the “classics”, or prefer genres other than shōnen. With shōnen often focusing on the protagonist’s powers, there’s a notable overlap between these gatekeepers and those who focus on Goku’s powers above all else.

But the inherent humor in fooling those who repeatedly claim Goku’s powers is an easy way to deal with that kind of sentinel. All one has to do is confidently assert that actually anyone can take on Goku. It collided with another meme, the “Your Fave” format, which allows people to submit requests to see characters in any number of odd situations; The accounts “Your Fave Could Beat Goku” appear on both Twitter and Tumblr. They allow everyone to claim that anyone and everyone can triumph over his reign, no question asked.

Women’s favorite characters, like Sailor Moonor people from mainstream modern anime, like My Hero Academia and Jujutsu Kaisen, proved to be the most popular – and most controversial posts with some Dragon Ball fans. But those who disagreed or asked to explain exactly how they were going to do it only made the joke funnier when they fell in love.

We are living in the post-Goku era. Anime is widely accessible from both dedicated streaming platforms like Crunchyroll and generally large streaming companies like Netflix. It no longer needs defense as a niche hobby, and so it no longer needs an all-powerful Goku. And the wider availability of non-shōnen series and films means the focus on power is gone, too. On the contrary, the few fans who continue to take the argument too seriously tend to decrease with the increasing popularity and variety of that watch anime.

But others were able to fit into the meme because the intrinsic humor of too-serious internet commentary combines the strength of the protagonist with the quality of the story, making it a weapon against the sentinels. Generally speaking. It’s a brave new world where anyone can defeat a Saiyan, thanks to the power of faith. That’s the best thing about anime.

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