Gods and Goddesses of Gambling in Different Cultures

Gambling traces itself way before casinos existed. Ancient cultures resorted to rolling the dice or tossing a coin to make crucial decisions, so gambling typically settled disputes, stakes, freedom, and even slavery. Unlike now, when you read the £20 no deposit casino bonus terms and play your best online pokies for fun and to win real money, gambling was an unambiguous way to resolve even the most complex matters. And in ancient culture, those in charge were termed gods and goddesses.

Some of the popular regions that had gods and goddesses of gambling are:

  • Egyptians
  • Greeks
  • Indians
  • Chinese
  • Hindu
  • Aztec

Before taking anything to the stake, people sought the face of the gods and goddesses to get direction. They believed these entities would help to toss things in their favour. Today, you would be surprised to know that many people still believe in these supreme beings. It is not uncommon to see people that mumble words to their gambling gods before they stake in a casino. Well, it is about time you get familiar with these supreme figures. Here, we will consider the gods and goddesses of gambling in different cultures; read on and enjoy.


Hermes was a very popular Greek archetype deity. He is dubbed the Greek god of gambling. Many believe Hermes to be brilliant but in a very naughty way. It is one reason why the Greeks depended on him to shift things in their favour when it was time to gamble. Hermes is looked upon for luck, riches, fertility, and goodness in abundance. He used to be a farmer and commercial trader before he ascended into his position in their hearts.

The Greek god of gambling was adventurous and cunny. He had these traits since he was young. Stories reveal how he managed to steal fifty cattle from Apollo and still keep them hidden. The issue ascended to the authorities, and they sought the Satyrs to reveal its location. Still, they couldn’t find it because Hermes was just so good at his cunny craft. He may not be the most trustworthy fellow, but his antics are unmatched, just the perfect one for a gambler.


The Egyptians also have roots in using gambling to make decisions, and Thoth is regarded as the Egyptian god of gambling. Legends say he possesses similar qualities to Hermes, the Greek god of gambling. However, he had it in a more conservative form. Thoth was very conversant with writing, and he was very good at it. The Egyptians also attribute magic, wisdom, and mood to this god.

An interesting thing about this Egyptian god is that legends say he was not born of a woman. Instead, they regard him as self-existent or creation from Set’s forehead. Either way, the belief that he did not come from human seed made him immortalised in the hearts of ancient gamblers. Thoth is regarded as an adventurous deity, and there is a famous story that he once gambled with the moon. And not only did he play, but he also beat the moon in a dice game. Indeed, why wouldn’t anyone immortalise someone who won the moon in a gamble? Get to know also about Philadelphia’s second casino set to finally open its doors.


Lakshmi is a familiar deity among the Hindus. She is regarded as the goddess of gambling in Hinduism. Unlike her Greek and Egyptian figures, she is believed to be very divine. She wasn’t a fan of trickery, and her nature tended more towards kindness and gentleness with generosity. Lakshmi is a good luck charm for many gamblers because she stands for wealth and good fortune.

Gamblers and several other Hindu professionals tie the goddess to wealth in material possessions. Gamblers believe she gives in abundance but also greatly detests greediness. However, Lakshmi is believed to have two sides – a divine and a hideous nature. No one is really sure, but the reason for this bias is that she spent some time with some demons before ascending to divine nature. But who really knows? Maybe she is tied to her past, or maybe not.


Macuilxochitl is a god that we all don’t know so much about. This is because he is the Artecs’ god of gambling, and from history, the Aztecs were not so receptive. They lived in a relatively closed community and only shared things among themselves. However, from them emerged this lesser familiar god of gambling, Macuilxochitl. The name sounds ambiguous; however, English interprets it as ‘Five Flower.’

We believe ‘five flower’ is a rather intriguing name for a tribe rumoured to be quite occultic. However, Macuilxochitl was a very talented god who fancied things beyond gambling. He was into arts, games, and several other practices. But some Artec practices rubbed off on him, and he was often described as quick to anger. He particularly loved to take vengeance against those who offended him directly and indirectly. That doesn’t seem to matter much because of his origin.


Nezha is a mythical god referenced as the Chinese god of gambling. From birth, Nezha proved to be different from humans. Legend says his mother carried him in her womb for over three years. And after delivering him, he came out like a fleshy lump. His father, known as Li Jing, cut the lump open, and out of it emerged Nezha. And the exciting part? He came out as a young boy, not an infant. Since then, his fate was set apart from that of regular humans.

From a young age, the Chinese god was troublesome and very cunning. In fact, he often got into lots of trouble. He also had a mischievous life where he killed the son of a Dragon king. And in a bid to save his family from the vengeance of the gods, he killed himself. But he was eventually brought back to life to become an adventurous demon slayer. Till today, Nezha is viewed as a generous god who brings good luck in any gambling affair. Many believe he is cunning enough to help you reveal winning lottery numbers.


The parents of Tyche are still a bone of contention to this day; however, she is believed to be mothered by Aphrodite and fathered by either Zeus or Hermes. Either way, we know that she comes from a mighty parent. Today, she is viewed as the goddess of prosperity and fortune. She also had a troubled past, with the likes of Polybius considering her to be an abomination. He accused her of being responsible for unforeseen disasters of fire and water.

However, contrary to the deceitful beliefs, she is said to have a very calm nature. Legends say she ruled with a mighty hand and great wealth and endless fortune. Today, some gamblers reference Tyche to be a very decisive deity. They believe she can help make a perfect choice in confusing situations. But who really knows? You never know until you try.

Huynh Nguyen

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