Ginni Thomas espoused eccentric theories in Mark Meadows Texts


Virginia ‘Ginni’ Thomas (via Daily Caller News Foundation)

Ginni ThomasJustice’s wife Clarence Thomasendorsing outlandish conspiracy theories in an attempt to fool the former President Donald Trump Chief of staff Mark Meadows to overturn the 2020 election and throw his purported opponents at Guantánamo Bay, according to an explosion show up equal Washington Post and CBS.

In 29 messages — now in the possession of the House committee investigating the January 6 attacks — Thomas is said to have called the President Joe Biden’s won “The Greatest Heist in Our History.” She also urged the White House to do so Sidney Powell “Be the leader and be the face” of their efforts to subvert the results. Powell’s conspiracy theories involve a vast, international conspiracy led by a Dominion voting machine coordinated with Venezuela, China and other countries to install Biden as president so outlandish that even his own White House Trump also shunned her.

According to reports, Powell has a staunch supporter who is the wife of a sitting Supreme Court judge.

“Mark (didn’t want to wake you)…,” Thomas wrote. “It looks like Sidney and her team are awash with evidence of fraud. Plan. Release the Kraken and save us from the left flank that is taking down America. “

Kraken refers to Powell’s four-state legal assault in Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia and Michigan, so catastrophic that a federal judge in one of those states referred every attorney behind it to the courts. their respective bar associations. Disciplinary proceedings and disqualification.

Although Powell once stood by Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani During a press conference announcing their efforts to overturn the election, the White House released a statement on November 22 saying she was “not Trump’s legal team.”

According to reports, Thomas reacted poorly to Powell’s rejection.

“Trying to understand Sidney Powell’s foresight,” she wrote.

“She doesn’t have anything or at least she wouldn’t share it if she did,” Meadows texted back.

“OH!” Thomas replied.

Meadows did not reply.

Powell is currently fighting for his license to law following a federal judge’s sanctions in Michigan and up to $1.3 billion in debt from Dominion, to sue attorneys supporting Trump for defamation.

According to the report, Powell is hardly the only conspiracy theorist Thomas seems to endorse. According to reports, she sent Meadows a link to a YouTube video labeled “TRUMP STING w CIA Director Steve Pieczenik, The Biggest Election Story in History, QFS-BLOCKCHAIN. Pieczenik is a former State Department official turned far-right commentator who reportedly endorses the theory that the Sandy Hook massacre was a “wrong flag“Activities to promote gun control.

According to the report, the linked Pieczenik video, which Thomas submitted, promoted various misinformation common in QAnon circles.

“Sink-marked ballots in more than 12 states are part of a massive pro-Trump operation & white hat armies in 12 key battleground states,” she reported.

The parcel note that QAnon followers believe Trump flagged mail-in ballots for signs of alleged fraud, launching the slogan “Watch the water.”

She also appeared to endorse another QAnon theory that Trump’s alleged political adversary would be sent through an extraordinary investigation to Guantánamo Bay and subject to military courts in an event that was reported to be unconventional. called “The Storm”.

“The Biden crime family & ballot fraud accomplices (elected officials, bureaucrats, social media moderators, fake media reporters, etc.) are being arrested and detained for leaf fraud. vote now & in the coming days, & will live in barge GITMO facing military courts for seduction,” Thomas wrote to Meadows on November 5, apparently citing the document. was shared in pro-Trump internet circles.

The House committee did not have any notice of Meadows’ response, according to the report.

After Ginni Thomas urged Trump’s chief of staff to overturn the election, her Supreme Court justice husband was the one out there in urging his colleagues to look into such cases. Thomas and Samuel Alito wrote a statement asserting that they do not believe the Supreme Court has the power to deny the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s (R) litigation sought to overturn election results in four other states. The conservative justices said at the time that they did not believe the Supreme Court had “absolute discretion to deny the filing of a complaint in a case within our original jurisdiction,” and they did. said so before.

In February 2021, Justice Thomas also known as “wall” and “inexplicably” that his counterparts voted against hearing the election-related challenges of Trump and his allies:

One wonders what this Court is waiting for. We failed to resolve this dispute before the election and therefore put in place clear rules. Now we are again not making clear rules for future elections. The decision to leave electoral law shrouded in a mantle of doubt is baffling. If we do nothing, we will create more confusion and erode voter confidence. Our compatriots deserve better and expect more from us. I respectfully disagree.

Justice’s wife has denied a conflict of interest. Justice Thomas was hospitalized a few days before the exhibition was announced.

(via Daily Caller News Foundation)

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