Genshin Impact – Like from a Side of God quest guide

Archon Quest Chapter III: Act V – Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises continues with this brand new quest after successfully helping Cyno apprehend some sneaky hermits. This lengthy quest will have you tracking down The Doctor, also known as Il Dottore. The second of the eleven harbingers of the Fatui, Dottore is a sadistic villain who seems to have put the people of Sumeru into a trance.

How to start As a God’s Side quest in Genshin Impact

Complete the previous quest Through the Predawn Night to unlock the quest As by a God’s Side. At the end of Through the Predawn Night you need to meet up with Dehya in the Caravan Ribat. Dehya expresses her displeasure at having to wait so long, but you and Dehya went ahead with your plan anyway.

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You need to fold Tighnari as he still enjoys the trust of the Akademiya. Tighnari will help you get information about the Doctor. Find him at Pardis Dhyai at the location below. Tighnari agrees to help you and tells you what he knows. He reveals that The Doctor seeks out Haypasia and returns to Snezhnaya.

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After completing your discussion with Tighnari, teleport just outside Pardis Dhyai and begin tracking down The Doctor. Follow Dehya as she follows clues. She concludes that The Doctor is on his way to Port Ormos.

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In Port Ormos you will find the place full of Fatui soldiers. You must follow two Fatui soldiers on a stealth mission without getting too close. If you’re spotted, you’ll have to start over. They are seen in the progress bar above the filling Fatui soldiers heads. There will be other Fatui enemies posted on your path that you must avoid. Be careful not to run far back or you’ll lose sight of the soldiers and have to start over.

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You can left-click to duck behind various structures to avoid being spotted. After the stealth mission, go to the marked location to hide. You will have found The Doctor at this point. Eventually the Doctor will discover you and reveal that he is sailing back to Pardis Dhyai to take Haypasia. You need to take an exit to Pardis Dhyai. Eventually, Fatui enemies will arrive and attack you in waves:

  • Wave One: x1 Fatui Skirmisher – Pyroslinger Bracers, x1 Fatui Skirmisher – Geochanter Bracers
  • Wave Two: x1 Fatui Skirmisher – Electrohammer Vanguard, x1 Fatui Skirmisher – Pyroslinger Bracers
  • Wave three: x1 Fatui Skirmisher – Electrohammer Vanguard, x1 Fatui Pyro Agent

Eventually you will have to retreat to find Haypasia. They find that Haypasia has fallen asleep. But suddenly a vision of Scaramouche appears behind you. Scaramouche wants to idolize himself and threatens that you can’t stop him. Eventually, Scaramouche uses the Gnosis he received in Inazuma to change the weather.

This dangerous new situation causes you to leave to check on Tighnari and Dehya. Lightning struck Tighnari and injured him. Head to Haypasia to shelter from the weather and discuss your next plans.

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Use the in-game clock to change the time to any time between 7pm and 9pm. After that you need to talk to Nilou. Note: If you have unlocked Nilous Story quest and it is still incomplete, you may need to finish this quest before proceeding as it will be busy with this quest first.

Recover well for the next operation and then proceed to the next quest: Jnagarbha Day. Genshin Impact – Like from a Side of God quest guide

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