Genshin Impact fans harass voice actors over gay anime tweet

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The Genshin Impact Community doesn’t seem to be able to stop bother It is speaker. A gay man a few days ago genshin Voice actor tweeted negatively about “fujoshi,” a term most commonly attributed to straight women who consume anime media about gay men. The resulting firestorm of online harassment hasn’t just ensnared them and others genshin voice actor. It also showed how dangerous it is for queer people to advocate for themselves online — especially as the public faces of a video game with millions of players.

“Fujoshi” was first used to refer to it young women who translated Relationships between fictional men through a romantic lens. The term was originally derogatory, but became more neutral as explicitly gay works became better known to the Japanese public. Even the anime industry started catering to this demographic high purchasing power. Anime News Site ANN claims that fan service was essential To Shonen jumps success. But there was always one tense tension in the anime community about whether or not reading stories about gay Japanese men is inherently fetishistic.

On January 31st genshin Voice actor Joshua David King tweeted that people who identify as “fujoshi” should “consider therapy.” A lot of anime fans were upset by the subculture’s characterization. The good reason: many transmale and non-binary people could get out of the closet after reading Boys Love media. Many of them were named by Fujoshis transphobic who kept their gender non-conformity to themselves a fetish.

king accepted validated this trajectory and said he primarily struggles with non-queer fans turning BL works into fetish content. As a gay man who is too trans, it’s a perspective King is perfectly entitled to. Unfortunately, Twitter has a way of curbing any possibility of nuanced discussion. Fans flocked to his account to blame him misogyny And ignorance around East Asians Pop Culture.

King posted a twitlonger who apologized for “casting a wide net” about who might qualify as a fujoshi. But he also held his own in how BL gave some straight fans the leeway to fetishize gay relationships. “I’m not a Puritan. Queer stories come in all shapes and forms and there is no “right way” to tell them, but it’s annoying when half of it is [representation] I hear oversexualized nonsense,” he wrote. “As much as juicy stories deserve to exist, we also deserve to have safe spaces for people who aren’t interested or ready for that content.” He also noted that the setback was disproportionate to what what he took to be a sarcastic tweet. kotaku has reached out to King for comment but has not received a response at the time of publication.

Other genshin Voice actor was molested during the Fujoshi controversy. Shara Kirby is the English voice actress for Candace, a playable character that was released late last year. Kirby tweeted in defense of King, just for genshin fans to turn against them as well as.

“This is the first time so many people have been harassing me, calling me so many -isms and apparently demanding my release. Didn’t think I’d be spending the first three days of Black History Month like this!” wrote Kirby, who is Black, in an email kotaku. “I have no regrets coming to my friend’s defense. You are a black transgender and queer person who has rightly called a section using an umbrella term which, while probably well intentioned, has been corrupted by a subgroup using it to deal with the fetishization of BL and MLM -Get away from content. She said that she doesn’t have strong opinions about fujoshi, but that she sees that it’s mostly non-Japanese who bother King.

Even the genshin The community was disgusted by the reactions of other fans. Some pointed out that other voice actors had done so not received similar vitriol for controversial attitudes and use insults. Other was upset that two were black voice actors molested on the first day of Black History Month.

genshin was that Number one most tweeted about the game of the last year, leaving their voice actors under immense public scrutiny on the platform. kotaku reached out to Hoyoverse to ask what resources they offer for speakers affected by online harassment, but have not received a response at the time of publication.

“At the end of the day, many of you are embarrassed and will jump on a real trans, black and queer person because you want to live in a fantasy world.” tweeted King. “Do it better.” Genshin Impact fans harass voice actors over gay anime tweet

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