Genshin Impact: “Cooking, the Taste of Nature” Quest Guide

Each region in Genshin Impact had its own cooking quest line – or a few, to be honest. Genshin players will know that the game loves its cuisine and culinary references. So if you haven’t already eaten Paimon as an emergency ration, you might have stumbled across the Sumeru questline Cooking, the Flavor of Nature. This quest follows on from a series of four cooking quests in Patch 3.0 involving the mystical new Aranara creatures and their cooking escapades called the Unwavering Culinary Dream series. So let’s look at how to do the first quest in this quest line.

How to do Cooking, Taste of Nature quest in Genshin Impact

In order to even begin the quest line, you must first ensure that you have unlocked the Vanarana area that comes with the Dream Nursery quest line and complete the World of Aranara quest. After that, talk to Arapacati in Vanarana in the dream version of the world (she is invisible in the “normal” version). You can be sure that the quest is available to you if Arapacati has a blue exclamation point on the map pointing to him – a sign of a world quest. Talk to her to accept the quest and you will get the first objective. She will ask you to find and help her siblings – Arachatora, Arasaka, Arapas and Araphala.

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Look for a rising column of smoke

To find the first sibling, Arachatora, face south and look for a pillar of smoke in the sky and walk toward it. This part of the quest is made easy with the game’s quest navigation system. Just head south toward the area indicated on the in-game map.

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Use Dendro to heal the Aranara

For this part of the quest you must have a Dendro Element character in your party. If you were unlucky enough to get one, you can always use your traveler set up as a Dendro by a Shrine of the Seven.

With a selected Dendro character, use their Dendro skill on the Aranara. This will heal him and take the quest to the next stage.

Look for the head mushroom

Follow the next nearby quest marker until you find a locked dice mechanism. There will be two Ruin enemies there (and a Seelie if you’re looking for a distraction). To unlock the dice mechanism, defeat the enemies and then use the dice to drain the water from the nearby cave. This opens the path to follow the next quest marker until you can reach the head mushroom.

Neutralize the Withering Zone and pick the Head Mushroom

After reaching the final quest marker in the cave, stop first and make sure you have a strong team ready for this phase of the quest. There will be waves of enemies to fight, so it’s best to be well equipped to defeat them. Then summon the Dendrograna through interaction and hit the three branches of the Withering Zone to neutralize it. The enemies will attack you, so make sure to defeat them to complete the zone neutralization process. After that, interact with the head mushroom again to pick it up.

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Return to Arachatora’s pot

With the Head Mushroom safely stowed in your backpack, make your way back to where you found the Aranara, Arachatora, and his cooking pot, all the way down the first leg of this quest. Talk to him to complete the Cooking, the Taste of Nature quest, which then unlocks the next three quests:

  • Cooking, the aroma of homecoming
  • cooking, the beauty of sharing,
  • Cooking, a pleasant memory Genshin Impact: “Cooking, the Taste of Nature” Quest Guide

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