Fun: Great Plan to Keep America Red

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One problem many of the best red states have gone through is the problem of blue states moving to them because their blue states became uninhabitable, but kept voting Democrat anyway. .

It is a problem especially for states that are more comfortable to live in, whether peaceful Florida or beautiful Idaho; the wealthy in California and New Yorkers fled there just to vote in a way that would make them a vilification of the ravaged, crime-ridden Democratic-run hellholes they had escape.

The weather, low taxes, beautiful scenery, and good governance attract Americans like a magnet, with many of them drawn to Texas, Florida, and others who are unfortunately leftist.

How can those red running states prevent the leftward drift that accompanies the blue state migration? By passing legislation that would anger the left and prevent them from showing up in the first place, this brilliant Twitter account has come up with an idea after exposing the issue of green rule converts red states:

Just met a friend at a hotel bar from New Jersey. He loves variety. He hates Republican law. He even loves his HOA. And he went home to Florida.

Red states, you are inviting your own downfall unless you begin to control your borders.

You frustrate Democrats the same way Democrats frustrate Republicans. You pass laws they hate. They really hate it when you make gun ownership easier and abortion harder.

Red states, do you want to pass a good law that also prevents the rich libertarians of the blue state from moving to your state? Mandatory gun training in schools.

You get the added benefit of having a savoury veteran caliber master in every school as a deterrent to school shooters.

Anonymous accounts, as usual, are correct.

Firstly, blue staters turning to red is becoming a growing problem. Like the New York Times gladly put it in 2014:

Californians have moved to Colorado and Nevada. The Massachusetts native has moved to New Hampshire. New Yorkers have moved to North Carolina and Virginia – and of course, they continue to move to Florida.

Over the past few decades, residents of many traditionally liberal countries have moved to states that were once more conservative. And this model has played a key role in helping Democrats win the last two presidential elections and four of the last six.

While that’s old information, it shows that the trend has been true for a long time: blue states are hellholes, so people leave them. But, all too often, they brought the foolish allegiance of the Democratic Party with them, to the detriment of the states they moved to. Just look at Georgia, a state that was once ruby ​​red, now with two far-left senators thanks to move-in blue lawyers and Brian Kemp’s insight into voter law.

So how can that be stopped? Laws restricting abortion, mandatory schools for firearms training, outright bans on CRTs, denials of self-incrimination of slavery, voter ID laws and all other laws that will drive the party away Democrats react with horror at the thought of moving there.

Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama are all ruby ​​red states that are doing well. However, Democrats are not moving there. Why? Because they are entrenched in a deeply conservative culture and unwilling to change to please migrants. Florida, Texas, Georgia, Idaho and others all need to follow their lead and do the same. Fun: Great Plan to Keep America Red

Dustin Huang

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