Freedom Convoy Organizers Provide Update on Pending Legal Action Against GoFundMe

Freedom Convoy organizers have a message for their supporters: They are lobbying for legal action against GoFundMe.


“Hey everybody,” BigRed19755 say on TikTok. “So, it’s Bridget and me. Hello, we are currently in a room. It’s pretty cool. Just all the truckers out there. Okay. Please with this of GoFundMe. Everyone calm down. We’re good too.”

“This is probably going to work out better than before, because we’re going to expose more liberal left-wing parts, you know,” he said.

“In this room right now we have Bridget, chief counsel, Keith, other attorneys, Ava, Andre, chief counsel, Tim, the people here, bankers,” he continued.

Based on True NorthFreedom Convoy organizers are being represented by the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) and “have a team of attorneys in Ottawa to provide legal assistance.”

“I don’t think they know who they are in love with,” Big Red continued.

“Okay guys, we got this one,” Bridget added.

“We got this, guys,” he continued. “Now we are going to wake this world up even more… would you like to see how prejudiced the world is when it comes to libertarians?”

“It’s coming to you guys, we’re coming, everyone come to Ottawa this weekend,” he said. “We’re going to have a little bit of a loose and everyone’s going to get along and keep those hugs and smiles because that’s exactly what we’re here for.”

“We don’t want mandate and we want unity,” he added. “And so far we’ve reached a much better consensus, haven’t we?”

“We have freedom for everyone,” says Bridget.

“Guys, share this, get this out of there,” he continued. “All trucks in the yard need to hear this message. I’m going to get out there and start talking to people as soon as I can. ”

“We just have a few minor hiccups with the attorneys here to figure out right now,” he said. “You know, a lot for a peaceful night. Have you had a peaceful night since we got here? “

“Not really,” Bridget replied.

“It is always peaceful. Just busy,” he said.

“Busy, busy,” Bridget added. “Thank you for all the emails.”

On Friday, Freedom Convoy’s attorney, Keith Wilson, had a “disturbing” message for Canadians and supporters of truckers and farmers who have joined the movement.

“It’s Friday, February 4th,” Wilson said. “And I’m talking to you from your hotel in the heart of downtown Ottawa’s freewheeling convoy.”

“Over the past year, either the federal government in Canada or the prime minister, Trudeau has taken away from Canadians their chartered rights, their constitutional right to freedom of movement, lorry drivers’ right to travel, their right to travel. their ability to earn a living. constitution for those who have chosen not to be vaccinated,” he continued.

“This afternoon, the City of Ottawa Police Chief made announcements that are disturbing and will cause trouble for Canadians and those around the world who support the trucker’s freedom protest. this,” added the lawyer. “The sheriff basically announced an attack on the protesters. He announced that very specific measures that we normally only see instituted by oppressive regimes around the world will be initiated. He has effectively announced that he will take away Canada’s right to peaceful assembly and free speech. ”

“We are being censored,” he said. “Let’s get this out into the world.”
“There were no riots, injuries or deaths,” Police Chief Peter Sloly testified Wednesday at the City Police Service Commission. “We are arresting, charging and investigating the bad guys.” All charges against the lorry driver to date have involved either a common traffic violation or a local noise law violation by honking.

Freedom Convoy’s attorney, Keith Wilson, has confirmed that the new donation site is with a Christian community service website. GiveSendGocommitted not to violate the regulations of the organizers of the Freedom Convoy.

GiveSendGo has “joined hands” to upgrade its servers to handle the crowd of people wanting to contribute. The platform asked those trying to contribute to be patient and try again if they had trouble getting to the site sooner. As of time of publication, the site is up and running. I can personally confirm that it is possible to contribute. So be patient. Freedom Convoy Organizers Provide Update on Pending Legal Action Against GoFundMe

James Brien

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