Franklin Meave Vazquez Offers Compromise for Murder at Sea

Franklin Freddy Meave Vazquez appeared in a photo shoot

A Mexican citizen who used to live in Virginia last week pleaded guilty to various charges related to a brief episode of serious violence on a seashell boat during the summer of 2018.

Franklin “Freddy” Meave Vazquez31, was initially indicted in November 2018 for the brutal attack that left one of his crew members dead and two others injured two months earlier.

On September 23, 2018, a “fishing vessel” named Captain Billy Haver was sailing “on the high seas” about 55 miles off the coast of Nantucket, Mass with seven crew members on board, according to the complaint. federal criminality is obtained by Law & Crime.

United States Department of Justice, in a press releasedetermine the starting position of the maritime assault”[i]inside the damn house. “

“Sometime in the afternoon, RH heard shouting from the deck, ” three-page criminal complaint allegations. “He ran around a corner and got three hits to the back of the head. RH falls on deck. He found himself covered in blood. He looked up and saw Vazquez with a hammer in one hand and a knife in the other. Vazquez looked at RH and said, “Stay there.”

The defendant then stepped onto deck, used a long fillet knife to stab the second member of the crew, later identified as the ship’s favorite captain, 54. Javier Sosa. Later, when a third member stepped out to survey the commotion through the ice tunnel, he was also hit in the head with a hammer by Velazquez – after which the third victim fell on his back down the ladder he had been trying to climb up. .

The captain dissuaded the accused.

“Mayday, mayday, mayday,” he said, under an account in The Virginian Pilot. “Can anyone hear me? We’ve got a man who’s gone crazy on the boat, man.” Finally an answer was heard and he replied, “A man, I don’t know. Is he dead or what? But one of the crew members went crazy, and he started hitting everyone on the head with a hammer. Now I have three injured. One that I couldn’t wake him up with. “

“He cut the antenna or something,” the captain said at one point – seemingly unable to hear some of the previous replies.

That distress call was made around 2:30 p.m. on international dialing and distress channel 16, the complaint said.

A German cruise ship, the Mein Schiff 6, near the ship’s location, was the first to arrive after hearing cries for help. The ship’s crew changed course and came along with the ill-fated fishing boat. The first victim and Sosa, who “had a head wound and a stab wound to the torso” were brought on board, according to the lawsuit. “The cruise ship doctor speaks [Sosa] died shortly after he was brought on board. “

Near the end of the ordeal, according to the captain as the court forwarded the documents, Vazquez wobbled his mast after being cornered by the rest of the crew. Finally, Vazquez threw the knife onto the deck. He was eventually apprehended by the US Coast Guard.

The defendant remained atop the mast until his arrest later that night. He was immediately transferred to federal custody after arriving in Boston, Mass the next day.

No one knows what caused the violence when the boat was dredging oysters. The authorities had kept the mother a potential motive.

As part of his plea agreement, the defendant pleaded guilty to one count each of second-degree murder, attempted murder and assault with a dangerous weapon. He has to face life in prison.

According to PilotVazquez was previously arrested in March of the same year for allegedly strangling his 20-year-old wife after she returned from a night out with friends in the Newport News, Va.

“He was smiling and laughing after he just strangled his wife,” said his wife’s mother, Lindsay McDannold, told Newsweek right after the seafaring attack. “He has absolutely no regrets.”

The alleged details of that incident, in hindsight, seem like something of a foreshadowing of the ocean nightmare to come.

“I want you to see reality,” he allegedly told his wife before climbing on top of the woman in their bed and strangling her with both hands, according to criminal charges filed in the case. previous judgment.

The abuse is said to have continued as he pushed his victim, pinned her down and “wrapped a black and red scarf around her head”, before the brief respite came to an end when he pull her back upstairs by her hair.

“Did you hear a voice?” he asked his wife. “Did you see the ghost?”

[image via Newport News Police Department]

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