Fox News is furious Legend of Zelda’s Link is a ‘trans icon’

Fox businessFox News Media’s subsidiary, has found that some gamers are discovering their oddity thanks to Link calling it that Legend of Zelda Hero a “non-binary or trans symbol”. Some even call Link an “egg cracker,” meaning someone or something that helps a person realize they are trans, to Fox’s shock and horror. As you can imagine, that is Fox The journalist doesn’t seem happy about it.

Tears of the Kingdomthe latest game of the iconic Legend of Zelda Franchise, was released on May 12th to rave reviews from critics and gamers alike. Many are already calling it the best game in the series, and some even claim it’s one of the best games of all time. In the weeks since launch, players have overcame several duplication errorslearned how to do it Build incredible machines, and all sorts of other funny Hijinx. In total, Tears of the Kingdom has garnered mostly positive responses from the gaming community. Even so, Fox business has now decided to step in and point out how awful it is that so many of the game’s trans and non-binary players identify with and are inspired by Link.

In an article by Fox business on May 31st, author Jon Brown seems to have figured out that Link is seen by many – including his own creators – as a relatively gender-neutral hero that everyone can relate to. The article provides links to a few stories on the subject, including this excellent of gizmodoand seems surprised that there is an article like this among the others on the site zelda stories.

Breaking: Fox continues to be terrible

Then we inevitably get to the point where the Fox writer calls The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom a “no-brainer” and suggests outlets like PBS trying to “make a kids video game about gender identity”. Which would obviously be a very bad thing. Didn’t you know that children could accidentally read an article about the game and… become gay? trans? Whatever the worst thing in the right-wing outrage machine is.

The article then decides to take up a tweet from TikTok’s terrible propagandistic Libs and scream about it The Sims 4 including chest bandages and top surgery scars. Once again, Fox business seems to think that all video games are designed and sold exclusively for children. And children must not be brought into contact with real concepts such as gender, sex, transgender, scars or the like!

Fox businessThe article ends with a strange paragraph, pointing out how much controversy the publication of caused hogwarts Legacy, But that it still sold great on… er… Twitch? You mean the streaming site that briefly sold games but then it stopped years ago? Hmmm, folks over there Fox You might want to read this article again. Or just delete it. I would choose this option.

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