Fox News Blocks Reporting Hillary Was Spying On Trump Story

Fox News stops reporting Hillary as spy on Trump story after spending week attacking media for ignoring it

Anyone watching Fox News this week has been told Hillary Clinton’s The campaign was caught spying on the former President Donald Trump. In fact, this was reported on many Fox News shows, with some of the hosts adding strange frills to the story. More reputable news agencies were quick to pour cold water on this claim. Some even call Fox News stupid or intentionally misinformed their viewers.

Evidence for Fox News’ breathless and repeated claim of “worse than Watergate” is a late Friday filing from the Special Counsel. John Durham focus on Clinton’s one-time campaign lawyer Michael Sussman.

A good example of Fox’s sensational coverage are these remarks from Jesse Wattersdone on Monday:

Durham documents show that Hillary Clinton hired people to break into Trump’s home and office computers before and during his presidency, and present evidence that he colluded with Russia.

Yes. You heard right. Hillary broke into the computer servers of the presidential candidate and the computer servers of the sitting president, monitoring them. There, her hackers planted evidence, fabricated evidence linking Trump to Russia, then provided that fake document to the federal and media.

Durham’s records don’t show this – at all. Furthermore, as New York Times reporter Charlie Savage pointed out, the right-wing media narrative surrounding the filing is “mostly false or old news.” Indeed, Times reported on it last year.

This did not stop Fox News from continuing to claim a scandal had occurred. This network even has the wisdom to appeal to the rest of the media for ignoring this alleged bomb blast: Fox News media report Howard Kurtz called ouhis competitor for not giving the story, although it is never stated what the exact story is. Professor.

But late on Thursday, the story took a different turn, as Durham responded to Sussman’s filing to dismiss the lawsuit, adding some clarity to the misreporting.

sinister wrote that in Durham’s new file, said that he “dissociated himself on Thursday from false reports by right-wing news outlets that a petition he filed recently said Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid to spy on the servers of the Trump White House”.

The key statement from Durham’s most recent filing reads:

If third parties or members of the media have exaggerated, overstated, or misinterpreted the facts contained in the government petition, it does not impair a valid reason for the government to include this information in any way.

That statement was read in its entirety by Bret Baier above Urgent report Thursday night before a substantial trip panel discussion is muted. Since then, Fox News’s emphasis that Clinton’s arrest on spying on Trump has almost completely diminished. That’s a pretty dramatic turnaround from the haunting, almost wall-to-wall coverage that non-story has received this past week.

In the past six days, John Durham was mentioned 219 times on Fox News, according to TVEyes. But as of 11 am today. his name is mentioned only once by Steve Doocy above Fox and friendsand it was in the context of Hillary Clinton being questioned by a reporter.

So what happened? Mediaite has reached out to Fox News to ask if the network no longer feels the rumor of Hillary Clinton spying on Trump is believable, or if it no longer believes it to be true. Fox News did not respond.

In a column published earlier this week, I request How can real journalists compete with a network like Fox News that is already so comfortable reporting falsehoods. The fact that the network seems to have stopped covering a story that they were incredibly wrong, without any public statement acknowledging it, only proves the point I made in the column. there.

What an incredibly embarrassing moment for Fox News.

This is an opinion piece. The views expressed in this article are those of the author only. Fox News Blocks Reporting Hillary Was Spying On Trump Story

Charles Jones

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