Fortnite Tilted Towers – Changes Incoming

Years after its destruction, the iconic Tilted Towers return to Fortnite. Players are ready to battle it out in the halls of the famous landmark.

From a game barely able to get any players to a massive hit battle royale, Fortnite is still coming in strong and is not taking any breaks to make their community excited and happy. The game has been very busy making cosmetics for the Fortnite item shop featuring dozens of characters from outside the game. With all the crossovers happening with different gaming titles and movie franchises, fans did not expect Epic Games to bring in another wave of updates that are sure to get them pumped up. For the game’s first major patch of the year, the gaming studio is bringing back the iconic Tilted Towers and adding a whole lot more.

The Return of the Fan-Favorite Hotspot

The Tilted Towers served as Fortnite’s Chapter 1’s most action-packed location where lots of people drop into to get high kills. The terrain and the building interiors provided good covers to engage in thrilling firefights. From the top of its iconic clock tower to its underground parking garage, veteran players with Fortnite accounts all have their stories to share about this beloved point of interest. 

The Tilted Towers were destroyed on May 4, 2019, during the Unvaulting Event. The location had various iterations after its destruction from the Neo Tilted to the Salty Towers. However, none of these locations could compare to the original Tilted Towers during its prime. Though the Tilted Towers and its other versions have not appeared in recent patches for a year, fans have been wondering when the next version of the landmark is coming out. 

During the latest version of the game, players found several buildings near the middle of the island covered in thick blankets of snow. These buildings bore a similar appearance to the original Tilted Towers, so the appearance of this location inspired many speculations from the community that the beloved POI is making a return.

It didn’t take long for the developers to confirm that the original version of the towers will be coming back to the game in time for its 4th anniversary. The iconic location will be replacing the Coral Castle which disappointed some players since the castle is another popular location. However, many players are more than happy to trade in the Coral Castle for the Tilted Towers. 

What’s New with Fortnite Tilted Towers?

Chapter 3’s Tilted Towers is very identical to its original version with only a few minor changes. The layout, design, and placement of the buildings and structures are still the same as it was before. The only notable differences with the current version of the original are that the old basketball court is replaced by a football field and the No Sweat Insurance building replaces an old 3-story building with the original Tilted Towers. 

The texture of the whole area has been enhanced in order to match the current chapter’s other locations. Some of the buildings have received some exterior and interior alterations, but they are still essentially the same. There will still be some leftover snow in the surrounding area from the holidays.

Why are the Tilted Towers so Popular?

The location’s popularity can be attributed to its resurgence in social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter. Many players love to reminisce about the old days fighting players inside the POI’s massive buildings. During its existence in Chapter 1, the Tilted Towers was a popular drop point and a highly contested loot area. The location was often chosen by players due to how fast they will get into battle once they drop to stack up kills. The number of quality loot combined with the area’s exterior and interior obstacles provided an exciting exchange of bullets between players. 

What Else is New in the New Patch?

Other than the return of the Tilted Towers, Epic Games will also be introducing a new landmark called “The Devoured.” The area is an excavation site for the bones of the Devourer Skeleton which was defeated and left on the island after its defeat during Chapter 1 Season 9’s the Final Showdown. In addition, the Imagined Order drills can now be used by players and use them to scan areas.

The game also introduces some new creatures in the game called Klombos. These peaceful reptilian giants can be seen roaming around the map peacefully minding their own business. Players can interact with these giant creatures by feeding them Klomberries to receive some quality items or ride on their back and use their blowholes to propel players to other areas. Alternatively, gamers can try fighting these docile creatures. However, this is not advisable as no one has survived long enough to confirm if they can be defeated.

Following some negative feedback from the community, the developers have also removed the ability of AI bots to spawn or land in the Tilted Towers. The decision was made to avoid overcrowding the area since the location is always packed with a lot of players. The removal of bots from the towers will also make stacking up kills harder.

The return of the Tilted Towers has brought back a lot of memories and action. With the game having an action-packed hotspot once again, players are pumped up once again to get back into the fray. But before gamers enter their next match, they should consider stopping by the Fortnite item shop to pick out some cosmetics. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy seeing Hawkeye duke it out with other players inside close-quarter buildings. 

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