Fortnite fans divided over the game’s controversial “No Buildings” update

Now, parts of this debate can clearly be attributed to simple preferences. Some people like to build in Fortniteand some people don’t like to build in Fortnite. It really doesn’t get any more complicated than that.

However, since you may have already gathered from some of those tweets, the temporary removal FortniteThe game’s build options address a larger issue in the game’s “culture”. Specifically, it highlights the divide between those who feel that they are indeed skilled Fortnite means to be a construction expert and those who feel that FortniteThe built mechanics of underestimating the importance of movement, aiming, and other “pure” shooting skills. Some people also argue that it is quite clear that the building is only part of the Fortnite experience at this point and ultimately not learning how to use it may mean you should play another game.

Obviously we’ll leave it up to everyone to decide which side they’re on in this particular debate, but the biggest takeaway at this point is not the “build vs no” debate itself but what Epic Games will do about all of this.

Perhaps Epic thought that releasing a version of the Fortnite without building might just show people that they don’t want the feature removed as much as they thought it would, but it turns out that quite a few people are suddenly scared to go back Fortnite like it used to be. Like how to release World of Warcraft Classic leave a lot of legacy OH players realize they haven’t really enjoyed the game in quite some time, this “new” version of Fortnite made many people look at the original game even more sinister than they ever did.

So what does Epic have to do now? Some suggested that they should just release “no build” mode as a permanent addition to Fortnite, it’s a seemingly ideal compromise that comes with some notable products. Not only is that likely to split the game’s massive community (and leave those people in the fence to find homes), but as we’ve seen with other live service games, the introduction of “legacy” mode often doesn’t work as well as everyone hopes it will. More often than not, the spin-off mode is considered a sideshow while the main mode gets the majority of the attention. Indeed, FortniteIts own Arena mode often suffers from that problem.

Many people also quickly realize, Fortnite not necessarily designed to fully support “no build” gameplay, and turning that mode into a separate mode may mean that the mode needs to be treated as a separate game. Epic certainly has the necessary resources to grow and develop both modes equally, but do they believe doing so is in their best interest? Fortnite fans divided over the game’s controversial “No Buildings” update

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