Former Police Union President Ed Mullins Faces Federal Charges

Ed Mullins appeared in a WCBS-TV screen.

Ed Mullins.

US Department of Justice on Wednesday announced fees against former president of a powerful New York City police union.

Edward D. Mullinsof Port Washington, NY, is charge on one count of electronic fraud, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, the DOJ announced Wednesday afternoon. Press Release.

Mullins, 60, has been the president of the Sergeant Benevolent Association (“SBA”), “the association representing all current and former Sergeants of the New York City Police Department” for nearly two decades. century, DOJ explain. He resigned from that position last October, DOJ speak.

The union is said to be the fifth largest police union in the United States, federal prosecutors wrote in a federal court filing.

United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York Damian Williams speak Mullins “abused his position of trust and authority to fund a lavish lifestyle paid for by the monthly membership fees of thousands of NYPD hard-working Sergeants.”

“Mullins submitted hundreds of fake expense reports to further his plot, stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the SBA,” Williams said. “This office is committed to rooting out corruption at all levels of government, and that includes public officials like Mullins, who use their positions of power to pick their own pockets for their own money. cause harm to others.”

Assistant Director in charge of the FBI New York Michael J. Driscoll speak SBA members deserve to be a union that “represents[ed] their best interests. ”

“As president of the SBA, Mullins is believed to have gone above and beyond to best serve his own interests,” said Driscoll. continue. “Our NYPD sergeants expect and deserve more from their union leadership than they get. Today, thanks to the joint efforts of those on the FBI/NYPD Public Corruption Task Force, we proved that wrong. “

NYPD Commissioner Keechant L. Sewell speak Mullins “allegedly violated the ethics and rules of this department, the trust of the 13,000 Sergeants, the active and retired individuals he represents, and the laws of the United States.”

Sewell credit The NYPD Internal Affairs Division and authorities cooperated with the FBI’s Public Anti-Corruption Unit to conduct the arrest.

Based on the information filed in federal court, here’s how the alleged plan went down:

From mid or around 2017 to or around October 2021, MULLINS defrauded the SBA by using its personal credit cards to pay for meals at high-end restaurants and to buy distant personal items. slag, among other things, then submit false and inflated expense reports to SBA, seeking reimbursement for those bills as legitimate SBA expenditures when they weren’t. . Overall, MULLINS was reimbursed over $1 million in expenses from the SBA, much of which was fraudulently obtained.

The information continue:

SBA has a written cost reimbursement policy (“Policy”). Among other things, the Policy states that “SBA will reimburse for the actual and reasonable meal expenses necessary to conduct SBA business or fulfill SBA’s mission.” To be “reimbursed,” expenses “must be closely related to SBA’s business.” The policy further provides that “[r]eceipts are required for any meal, “and that”[r]Refunds for meals in excess of $50.00 must be accompanied by a list of attendees and topics discussed. ”

Document speak an unnamed SBC vice president “regularly scrutinizes claims for reimbursement and denies some charges if they are too high or not supported by receipts” after 2014. However, during or around 2017, the VP “retired as an officer” and then a treasurer “Didn’t scrutinize expense reports in the same way,” the information alleges. That resulted in the treasurer having “approved hundreds of expense reports for MULLINS, totaling more than $1 million” between 2017 and 2021.

The document continue:

Starting in 2017, MULLINS devised a plan to fund his personal expenses through SBA dollars. Specifically, MULLINS charged his personal credit card, along with hundreds of premium meals, clothing, jewelry, home appliances, and a relative’s college tuition. MULLINS then sent, usually via email, fraudulent and inflated expense reports to the SBA Treasurer, seeking reimbursement of those funds for the purpose of legitimate expenditures by the SBA. SBA while in fact not so. MULLINS rarely includes receipts.

The Treasurer processes expense reports after they are received – almost always without receiving any receipts – and issues an SBA return check to MULLINS from the Contingency Fund – i.e. the fund is made up of approximately as completely from the member’s membership fee. MULLINS then either deposits the check in his bank account or has an individual at SBA deposit the check on MULLINS’s behalf at a bank branch near SBA’s Manhattan headquarters. MULLINS then, usually shortly thereafter, pays its credit card bills with the amount deposited.

As part of this fraudulent scheme, MULLINS made at least three types of errors on its expense reports. First, MULLINS included meals in his expense report without involving SBA. Second, MULLINS overstated the cost of his meals – whether related to the SBA or not. For example, if the actual cost of a meal is $522.55, MULLINS will ask SBA to reimburse $822.55 and pocket the difference. Sometimes, MULLINS even writes down these changes on the personal credit card statement he keeps at his home – that is, crosses out “522.55” and writes it as “822.55”, thus recording his false statements. Third, MULLINS will take personal expenses such as supermarket bills and claim them in his expense report as SBA related meals, which he also claims to be reimbursed.

Document continue to accuse certain instances of conduct deemed consistent by federal prosecutors with the foregoing modus operandi.

Gothamist website description Mullins’ departure from the office was the result of a “raid” on his home and SBA offices. It called Mullins a “violent union leader who frequently accused New York’s political leaders of being soft on crime”.

“Prior to his departure, Mullins faced several challenges from the department for disclosing personal information about [now-former] Mayor Bill de Blasio’s daughter, ‘Gothamist’ note“And to refer to two city officials as one ‘bitch‘ and ‘first class whore‘ on Twitter.”

The tweets that lead to Mullins loser One report 70 days off – $32,000 in total – Gothamists speak. But Mullins “avoid termination”, publication report“Allow him to go with most of his benefit.”

Read the full court document on the recent federal charges below:

[image via screengrab from WCBS-TV]

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