Former Dr. Robert Neulander was found guilty of murdering his wife

Robert Neulander appears in a prison photo in March 2022.

Robert Neulander appears in a prison photo in March 2022.

A former New York doctor was reported to have been convicted Second time in 2012 wife murder. The first belief is Overturned by the Supreme Court of New York After authorities learned that a juror was reading case news and texting about the proceedings while being repeatedly warned not to do so.

Based on report equal Syracuse Post-Standard and local television stations, a unanimous jury agreed this week that Robert Neulandernow 70, killed his wife Leslie Neulanders, then 61 years old, in their 8,000-square-foot mansion in DeWitt. That locality is a suburb in the eastern part of Syracuse, in the central part of the state.

Thursday’s ruling – a follow-up to a second trial – came after report six hours of deliberation. Second test reported lasted thirteen days.

According to local reports, Neulander was certain that his wife had died from a slip and fall in the shower.

Longtime Onondaga District Attorney William Fitzpatrick told the juror this time the story of the fall is “ridiculous”, that the defendant’s timeline makes no sense, that the scene is too bloody to be anything but murder, and that the former doctor is “unfaithful. ”

Ari Neulandersson of both the accused and the victim, told WSTM-TV, NBC’s regional affiliate of WSTM-TV that the conviction was a “betrayal of justice.”

The family – and the doctor’s former attorneys – promised another appeal.

His son Ari told broadcaster viz: “We’ll get him out again, but it’s going to take a long time. his twice-convicted father. “We will appeal the decision.”

The son also called top prosecutor Fitzpatrick a “bully,” the WSTM noted.

“The district attorney likes to lie,” Ari continued, again according to the NBC affiliate. “He is a predator in this community. He is the most dangerous person to anyone in this community.”

Fitzpatrick, a New York Center fixture, has been an elected district attorney since January 1992 and has worked with the prosecutor’s office for approximately 45 years, story The states.

“It was a sad day,” commented Fitzpatrick after the verdict. “This man ruined his own family, doing [his daughter] Jenna is second in the case, and the irony is that Jenna – in her attempt to forgive him – severely injured him during the first trial. That’s why they chose not to even call her during the second trial and it hurt him all over again and that’s the way it should be.”

Jenna Neulander supposedly the “only other person” in the mansion – aside from the accused and the victim, according to state theory – on the day of her mother’s death, it was widely available. report.

During the trial, the DA pointed to the splattered blood as evidence that the victim was murdered and did not experience her own death, WSTM shown in the second case is going on then. The DA also said an expert found a piece of “mummified fatty tissue” on the head of the victim’s bed just last year – evidence, the DA said, that the victim was murdered. The WSTM noted that that piece of evidence was new to the second trial.

Dr. Neulander was tried and convicted in 2015, but the New York State Court of Appeals set aside the original judgment in 2019 due to what it called “undisputed jury misconduct”. The Court of Appeals is the highest court in the state of New York.

The original 2015 ruling came after 18 hours of deliberation spanning four separate days, Post-standard newspaper report.

“Jury misconduct” that resulted in the removal of the original guilty verdict was described in detail by the Court of Appeal in its 2019 comments:

During the trial, one of the jurors, juror number 12, sent and received hundreds of text messages about the case. Some of the text messages sent and received by the 12th jury were annoying and inconsistent with the trial court’s repeated instructions not to discuss the case with anyone and report any attempts any effort by anyone to discuss the case with a juror. The 12th jury also accessed local media websites that covered the trial extensively. To conceal its wrongdoing, a 12-year jury swore in court, misled the People and the court by providing a false affidavit, and bidding doctrinal text message exchanges. in support of that statement, selectively deleting other text messages she deems “problematic” and deleting her now-unrecoverable Internet browsing history. The cumulative effect of the 12 grand jury’s extreme deception and dishonesty forced us to conclude that “her improper conduct. . . may have affected the defendant’s rights substantially. “

The remedy, the Court of Appeals determined, was a second trial. The second jury agreed with prosecutors that the defendant was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Neulander’s sentencing is scheduled for April 11. The defendant faces sentences ranging from 25 years to life in prison.

[image via jail mugshot]

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