Footage showing the arson attempt in the Ottawa Apartments

Surveillance footage posted on Twitter shows two men allegedly attempting to burn down an apartment building at the epicenter of a trucker rally this weekend.

The arson is believed to have occurred in downtown Ottawa, Canada, which was surrounded by protesters Vaccine mandate and other pandemic restrictions. The protest began with the trucking industry but expanded rapidly as it was embraced by right-wing figures in the US and Canada. Truckers in Ottawa because it’s Canada’s capital; therefore, in their view, this is the best place to deal with complaints about COVID-19 restrictions.

Those involved in the protests occupied part of downtown Ottawa for several days. Protesters continue to disrupt daily life by blocking traffic, assaulting residents, honking horns and setting off flares throughout the day and night.

Residents of an apartment building clashed with protesters over the weekend. In the early hours of Sunday morning, two men are said to have tried to get back at them by locking them inside and setting the building on fire.

Twitter user Matias Muñoz (@TiMunoz) posted a topic about the alleged arson attempt.

“Last night, two arsonists brought a full pack of fire smart bricks into the lobby of our building at 5 a.m.,” Muñoz wrote.

Muñoz, who lives in the building, said one of the men had closed the door. “This is the most taboo part of the experience besides lighting the fire,” he wrote.

He included screenshots from security footage that allegedly showed the pair trying to light a fire and knock on the door. He said the landlord showed them the footage.

He said a resident had entered the hallway as the men were trying to light a fire. When asked what they were doing there, he said they admitted to being part of the trucker’s demonstration.

When someone wondered why the couple admitted to being opponents, Muñoz cleared up“They seem really stupid.”

He said residents rushed back into the elevator and the men continued to try to set the building on fire.

“Once lit, it grew and almost touched the wooden walls,” said Muñoz tweeted. “The arsonists escaped out the side doors as video showed the fire spreading.”

Fortunately, a good Samaritan passing by reported noticing the fire. After some struggling with the taped doors, Muñoz speak they were able to infiltrate and extinguish it.

Muñoz and other residents believe the arson attempt was inspired by a confrontation between the groups earlier in the evening.

“As residents, it is clear to us that this is a blatant retaliation by the protesters,” Muñoz wrote. “Not only have they exposed Ottawa residents to widespread harassment, assault and aggression, but now they’ve also attempted to burn down an entire building.”

Muñoz tagged the mayor and local police in the thread and later wrote that the police were investigating. Ottawa police did not respond to an email inquiry sent Monday morning.

Ottawa City Councilor Catherine McKenney answered from their verified account, “I have reported this incident to the police and have requested additional security.”

People were appalled by Muñoz’s accusations. Local residents’ patience with the truckers’ protests has dwindled after incessant noise and other disruptions.

There are many reports of sound levels at 100 decibels or higher at all hours of the day and night. CTV News reports that an Ottawa resident has filed a class-action lawsuit worth nearly $10 million against organizers of a noise protest.

Local police To speak surname issued hundreds of tickets and made multiple arrests in connection with the protests over the weekend. They are now advising protesters to leave and threatening anyone with supplies, such as fuel, with arrest.

“There are more than 60 criminal investigations to date related to the protest,” Ottawa Police Department wrote on Facebook on Sunday. “They’re primarily intended for mischief, theft, hate crimes, and property damage.”

Many feel that the men who allegedly attempted to set fire to the apartment building should be charged with felony charges, up to and including terrorism. “It’s more than arson! PARTICIPATE MURDER! ” Written one.

An individual claiming to be the head of the police arson unit answered to the subject of Muñoz asking to speak on the phone so that an investigation can be initiated.

Muñoz tweeted that he has verified the person is a police officer and will follow up.

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* First published: February 7, 2022, 11:41 a.m. CST

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