Florida Police Department Releases Video Of Black Driver’s Cruel K-9 Abuse; Investigation found no policy breached

An investigation into the conduct of a Florida police department’s K-9 unit has found that officers did not break guidelines in arresting a black motorist. Although the man sustained permanent injuries, both an internal investigation and an independent company found the use of force not unreasonable.

Terrell Bradley before and after the gruesome attack

On Thursday, September 8, Gainesville Police Chief Lonnie Scott announced the finding through his department’s internal affairs, and an outside consulting firm, V2 Global, believes two officers who still have a paid suspension while a further investigation is being completed, this did not violate Terrell Bradley’s civil rights when they arrested him on Sunday July 10, according to WUFT.org.

“We stand by our commitment to be fully transparent and share information as much as possible,” Scott said when releasing footage of the incident.

In a 24:51-minute video titled “GPDTV Community Briefing about the K9 Apprehension,” the African-American boss claims they are releasing the footage to make transparent how “Bradley lost an eye during his arrest.”

Please note that the following video is a graphic.

Scott noted that the police presence in the community has increased due to the recent uptick in criminal activity at the Sweetwater Square Apartments at 3501 NE 15th St.

He said that from the first day of the year to the day of Bradley’s abuse, the Gainesville Police Department received 373,911 calls from neighbors. Because of this, officers at this apartment complex were told to make their presence known in hopes of deterring violence, adding: “These efforts include stepping up traffic enforcement.”

Regarding the Bradley case, Scott said the investigation looked at police body cameras and surveillance footage, analyzed tons of evidence and interviewed neighbors who witnessed the botched traffic stop.

The incident happened at 10:39 p.m. at the Eden Park Apartments, 1330 NE 39th Avenue, about 15 minutes from Sweetwater Square

Officer Andrew Milman watched Bradley’s red Chrysler 300 exit the Sweetwater Square apartments without yielding to traffic rules, in violation of Florida State Statute 316-125.

The car is caught by two separate cameras making the illegal move — he pulled into traffic without fully stopping upon exiting the parking lot, prompting Milman to follow him with his lights and siren on.

Bradley’s car turns west into the Eden Park apartment complex and stops at the second building.

Milman’s body cam shows him getting out of his car and about to attack Bradley, but a minute of the video is cut off due to the equipment’s default buffering.

According to Castor, Milman tells Bradley to keep his hands clearly visible. The officer also saw a bag of cannabis on the center console and could smell it in the car. Recreational use of cannabis by adults is illegal in the state of Florida.

When he continued to move his hands, even reaching under his seat and allegedly engaging in behavior contrary to the officer’s direction, Bradley was ordered to get out of the car. The camera catches Bradley checking his phone before fulfilling the order.

Milman says, “Do me a favor because you seem nervous…jump out for me. When you get out, stand in front of the vehicle for me.”

He gets out and murmurs, “How do I act nervous?”

Video shows Milman aggressively grabbing Bradley as soon as he steps out. It’s unclear if Bradley made a threatening gesture to the officer, but after saying, “I’m not doing anything,” he breaks free and runs into the complex.

Police later say Bradley elbowed Milman before he broke out to escape.

As Milman gives chase, two other officers search Bradley’s car.

At first the officers said they hadn’t found anything, but after a few minutes they found a loaded handgun with an extended magazine between the driver’s seat and the extended console.

Officers also had his wallet and, using his ID, determined that Bradley was a convicted felon and was not allowed to have a firearm in his possession.

“Also, Bradley didn’t have a concealed arms permit that allowed him to carry a concealed weapon,” Castor said.

Officers later determined that the firearm was stolen.

Between 10:50 p.m. and 10:59 p.m., after confirming narcotics, a stolen loaded pistol, his previous charges, and his attack and flight from an officer, Sgt. Kikendall ordered a K-9 unit to approach the scene come. According to the GPD briefing, K-9 units “can only be used for criminal arrests for specific offenses”.

Bradley was convicted of a felony 12 years ago.

“The K-9 has the authority to prosecute any crime that involves the use or threat of physical violence or violence against any person,” the briefing said. “An example of this is: if there is an imminent risk of serious injury or death to the general public or a law enforcement officer as a result of the person concerned not being apprehended.”

Officers at the scene believed Bradley to be dangerous and possibly armed.

When the K-9 unit arrived, Bradley was hidden in the bushes on the side of the complex near Building 5.

The dog, whose name is Ranger, was secured with a 15-foot leash while chasing the suspect, and at some point after sniffing around the building, a loud squeak was let out. Bradley had been spotted.

Officer Meurer, who is the dog’s partner, asks the man to show him his hands and come out, but Bradley just groaned.

“He got me, son, I’m done. I’m done,” Bradley says while yelping. The dog, making very little noise and not growling, appears to have bitten the man.

“Get the dog. Get the dog,” he kept yelling, before revealing, “He ripped my finger off.”

After that, Meurer Ranger pulls back, only then does the dog start barking and has to be pulled back.

Another officer tries to handcuff Bradley and hold him down, and then he reveals that the dog tore his eye out. Graphic video shows the bloodied suspect lying on the ground with an officer over him and arresting him.

Officials call from the emergency services and state “EMS hot” to note the urgency of the situation. Bradley continues to cry out about his injury as a police officer, Officer Ripley, says, “Well, he shouldn’t be running from the police.”

In agony, Bradley keeps saying, “I can’t see.” After the ambulance is on its way, he is helped by officers who escort him to the parking lot.

To prevent him from passing out from recent trauma, Officer Theophin raised Bradley’s head with his knees, revealing his right eye hanging out of its socket.

“The dog ate my eye out,” Bradley said to the officer, who replied, “Shouldn’t have run, bro. Shouldn’t have walked.”

Bradley said, ‘I’m not doing anything wrong, brother. People getting killed by the police, what the hell – you think I shouldn’t run away?”

A neighbor is heard saying, “They really wanted him to eat you up, to be honest. That’s what they train them to do.”

Officer Henderson, a black officer, jokes, “Good night, aunt,” and then she leaves.

Two white officers asked their colleague if they were really related, and when he said no, Officer Marshall replied, “I’d be in trouble for saying that.”

Eventually, Bradley asks for water and is obligated by an officer identified as Cpl. Stephens poured it into his mouth.

Paramedics arrive and they lift him onto the stretcher and handcuff him while he is taken to UF Health Shands Hospital for medical attention.

The briefing is the collection of an internal assessment by the GPD. However, after reviewing all the evidence, V2 Global also found no violation of the GPD policy, stating the department was actually more restrictive than other K-9 units in the country and above industry standards.

One criticism was that the K-9 unit could be more diverse.

The chief said he has no plans to change his unit, explaining that of the 129 K-9 sorties in 2021, only 12 resulted in a suspect being bitten.

Protests erupted in the immediate aftermath of Bradley’s bloody arrest, with people pleading for answers. In response, the K-9 unit was relieved of its patrol duties. Scott intends to bring her back after additional training and return her to active duty.

https://atlantablackstar.com/2022/09/11/they-wanted-him-to-eat-you-up-florida-police-department-releases-video-of-gruesome-k-9-mauling-of-black-motorist-investigation-finds-no-policy-was-violated/ Florida Police Department Releases Video Of Black Driver’s Cruel K-9 Abuse; Investigation found no policy breached

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