Five best skills to get as soon as possible in zombie RPG

An image from Dying Light 2 depicting protagonist Aiden Caldwell fighting off some random bandits.

You can cut off this guy’s head with the Power Attack skill.
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Dying Light 2Techland’s big sequel to the 2015 original, is an open world action adventure game with RPG elements. So, as you might expect, there are plenty of skills to unlock. Some useful. Others, not so much. There are also some tantalizing tricks that seem like things you want to get your hands on but you really should avoid in the first place, such as double jumping. It is not great! Instead, here are some possibilities that will serve you well in the early hours. You should choose these first. Seriously, don’t even think about the double jump.

Before acquiring abilities on your own, you should break down how to level up in Dying Light 2 do. There are two trees to fight: Combat and Parkour, each with 24 unlockable skills. You first need to meet a certain stat requirement, such as having 180 health, as well as a prerequisite skill (for certain abilities) before you can unlock any What skills are you keeping an eye on? For example, to unlock the Parkour Slide skill, you must first have the Sleek Runner skill and have at least 160 health points.

You earn exp for two skill trees by taking actions corresponding to that tree (i.e. fight to fight, jump for parkour). Upgrading your stats is another chat (or blog?), but the short thing is this: You have to find inhibitors around the world. You inject yourself with these inhibitors, booster shots that look like steroids or something, to boost Aiden’s health and stamina points. Doing this gives you more resiliency while also allowing you to unlock some abilities in the skill tree.

OK, now into a number Dying Light 2 skills you should unlock early in the game.

Combat skill: Air Kick

Requirement: Unlock Vault Kick, the first skill in this tree

Since you’ll be spending most of your time on rooftops, it’s a good idea to have a way to take out your enemies and deal some damage before they know what’s going to hit them. Air Kick is exactly that. An Aerial Kick is done by dropping on an enemy, you can unlock the Aerial Kick as soon as you get the Parkour upgrade and you won’t regret picking it up. It was an incredible move for me to deal with robbers on the roof of Villedor. Air Kick them to death and boom! Parkouring just got a little easier during the day.

Parkour skill: Firm grasp

Requirement: Unlock High Jump, the first skill in this tree

This is a no-brainer, especially since misjudging the distance between the roofs can end in a bang. Unlockable with a single Parkour upgrade, Firm Grip is a skill that powers your fingertips so you don’t die when grabbing ledges from great heights. This is a lifebuoy. So I used to jump from roof to roof, only to find Aiden incapable of holding out long enough when things went south early. Firm grips alleviate that frustration, ensuring you maintain your grip when parking.

Parkour skill: Darts

Requirements: Unlock High Jump, Get 140 Stamina

You may need to stock up on Parkour upgrade points to unlock this, as it requires you to increase Aiden’s stamina with inhibitors at least three times to get the required 140. However, you’ll want the Dart skill pretty early on. It gives you a short burst of speed, which then allows you to jump over wider gaps, reach higher ledges, and run longer on walls (after you unlock that skill). Again, you spend a lot of time on rooftops, running from point A to point B or escaping a zombie chase. The trick in both situations not only helps you to stand firmer, but also gives you more coverage of the court. It’s been essential throughout my play, and combining it with other skills — like Parkour’s Long Jump — makes it more effective in the long run.

Combat Skill: Power Attack

Requirements: Unlock Vault Kick, have 120 health points

Similar to Dart, you’ll need to hold the Combat upgrade for a minute until Aiden’s health is increased to 120 from the original 100, just an inhibitor. But once you do, Power Attack is an important combat ability and one you’ll want to grasp in the first place. In fact, I see it as an important combat skill. It does exactly what you’d expect: unleashes a devastating blow after holding down the attack button for a brief second. This move also causes the enemy to wobble a bit and deal a good amount of damage. Really solid to kill bandits or combine with other skills.

Parkour skill: Landing safely

Requirements: Unlock Active Landing, have 140 Stamina

Maybe you’ll soon unlock the prerequisite skill Active Landing, which reduces damage on fall and maintains momentum on landing. However, right after that, you should absolutely choose the Safe Landing skill. This is an essential parkour skill if you miss a jump. It’s basically an improved version of Active Landing, increasing the height you can fall from without taking damage after hitting the ground. This will happen a lot, so instead of dying from the wrong jump, just get the Safe Landing skill.

This is just a small unlockable selection Dying Light 2 and really, you can’t go wrong choosing any of the game’s abilities early on. Except for the double jump. You will be disappointed with that as it is both insignificant and useless when compared to other skills. While I encourage you to experiment with the two trees that Techland has included in this sequel, there’s no denying that some skills will serve you better when you’re getting started. Hope these suggestions give you confidence as you experience the game. It’s dangerous out there, so make sure you have the right abilities to survive. Five best skills to get as soon as possible in zombie RPG

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