Final Fantasy Take On Stardew Valley reveals awesome product

Harvestella's heroes stare at a giant weed in the distance.

picture: Square Enix

Harvestella is only a few months away and Square Enix is ​​finally starting to share a little more about its social farming sim. While the core loop focuses on job-related combat and character relationships as much as anything else, growing fruits and vegetables will also play an important role. Luckily, Square-approved players will be able to reap some of the hotter products out there.

There’s no shortage of normal real-world plants to incorporate into a JRPG version Stardew Valley. Apples, oranges and grapes immediately come to mind. Cabbage, carrots and potatoes as well. But developer Live Wire hasn’t revealed any of them Square Enix’s latest blog post about the game. Instead, it performed with peaches and cucumbers:

Harvestella art features a delicious peach.

picture: Square Enix

Harvestella art shoes a plump zucchini.

picture: Square Enix

“Spring fruits include the Nemean tomato, the Strawbuddy, and the…delicious Cucumble and Wisty Peach,” the blog post reads. Uh-huh. Look, you can admit that the cucumber looks like a green eggplant and that it and the peach are De facto emoji for thirstor you can blame my imagination.

However, the dishes they can be turned into look delicious indeed, including peach and rose mousse and zucchini mince sandwiches. These will be players’ rewards for diligently tending their crops, although Square didn’t reveal how romance will work in the game and whether you’ll be able to court NPCs with a five-star Nemea Bolognese.

A Harvestella character plants carrots in a garden plot.

picture: Square Enix

Harvests can be brought to market raw or refined into more sophisticated goods. Players can also raise livestock, and of course it wouldn’t be a sim without fishing. The more you upgrade your fishing rod, the higher the chance of a rarer catch. The game also has dungeons that players can fight through alongside NPCs. Recruiting them will give you access to their unique character class, while assisting NPCs in dealing with the troubles in their lives will strengthen your relationship and unlock new rewards.

But if Harvestella sounds too sweet and chill don’t worry it has its apocalyptic moments too. removing a page Grapes of Wrath, each spring, summer, fall, and winter is followed by a plague-ridden fifth season called the Quietus. “During this time, plants wither and die, and a deadly dust traps people indoors,” the blog reveals. “You must consider the changing seasons and the dire inevitability of Quietus as you attempt to unravel the mysteries behind this season of death.”

Okay, I’m going to stare out the window now and think about the rest of my fleeting life. Harvestalla Coming to PC and Switch on November 4th. Final Fantasy Take On Stardew Valley reveals awesome product

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