FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Promotion Schedule: Every Special FUT Card

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has seen the majority of its promotions and much more. Here’s the full schedule of every special card we expect to see in this year’s FUT.

One of the most fascinating parts of Final Team of FIFA 22 is the continuous rollout of new promotions and special cards.

Fans saw Winter wildcard and TOTY added mode, in addition to Hero FUT and ICON in packages for the whole year.

With a lot of content still to come, we’ve put together an in-depth calendar and description of every special promotion and card set to hit. FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 TOTY Promotion

EA likes to keep their cards close to the chest when it comes to promotions to keep things surprising at every turn.

That being said, some special cards have become FUT staples and return to mode at the same time every year.

So, although there is no official full-year schedule, we can look at previous years to come up with a detailed schedule of promotions.

Here’s every ad we expect to see in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team throughout the year.

Promotion / card name FIFA 21 start date Estimated start date of FIFA 22 Confirmed
Team of the week Weekly Weekly It’s correct
Hero FUT New to FIFA 22 October 1, 2021 It’s correct
People who need to see October 6, 2020 October 1, 2021 It’s correct
Road to Knockouts November 6, 2020 October 15, 2021 It’s correct
Law breakers October 23, 2020 October 29, 2021 It’s correct
Numbersup New to FIFA 22 November 12, 2021 It’s correct
Signature Signature New to FIFA 22 November 26, 2021 It’s correct
Team of the Group Stage December 4, 2020 December 3, 2021 It’s correct
Duel with New to FIFA 22 December 10, 2021 It’s correct
Winter wildcard New to FIFA 22 December 17, 2021 It’s correct
Subject line January 1, 2021 December 31, 2021 It’s correct
Team of the Year January 22, 2021 January 21, 2022 It’s correct
Future star February 5, 2021 February 4, 2022 It’s correct
Winter must see N / A February 11, 2022 TBC
FUT’s birthday March 26, 2021 March 25, 2022 TBC
Team of the Season April 23, 2021 April 22, 2022 TBC
FUTTIES July 16, 2021 July 15, 2022 TBC

Team of the week

Team of the Week 1 in FIFA 22

Team of the week cards have been a staple of Ultimate Team for years, providing a steady stream of new cards based on real-world performances.

Every Wednesday, the best performing players from the latest domestic or international round get an upgrade to replace their regular card in the packs for that week.

Hero FUT

FUT Hero in FIFA 22

Hero FUT is the first new type of card in FIFA 22, dedicated to some of the biggest figures in world football.

These new cards highlight players who may not have gone down in the sport’s history, but have made their mark at a particular club.

People who need to see

FIFA 2 Team viewership 22

EA is the target to start a new season, People who need to see cards are dynamic items that can be upgraded consistently throughout the year.

These special cards are given to players who have performed well in the last transfer window, and they will automatically enhance themselves to match the highest ranked TOTW the player has earned.

Road to Knockouts

Road to the Knockouts Team 1

Road to Knockouts is another new FIFA 22 promotion, celebrating the three European leagues that clubs can compete in in the 2021/22 season – Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League.

Selected players whose teams have won three of their last four group stage games, or made it through to the knockout stages, will receive a permanent boost to their cards.

Law breakers

Rule breakers in FIFA 22

Traditionally, FIFA gets a promotion every Halloween. What started when Ultimate Scream changed to Law breakers with FIFA 21.

These cards give players a huge boost, but also fundamentally change the way they play by swapping their stats.

Slow forwards can lose some of their speed in finishing, while attacking full-backs can become solid defenders.


Go to FIFA 22

Numbersup is another brand new promotion for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, powered by real world sportswear brand Adidas.

These special cards are selected by EA, with one stat selected for regular upgrades throughout the year at times determined by the developer.

This stat will continue to receive boosts until it maxes out at 99 and becomes one of the top cards of the game.

Signature Signature

Signature FIFA 22

The last team of Signature Signature are items designed to celebrate some of the most successful transfers in recent years.

These players made incredible contributions to their new teams and received one ultimate Team upgrade as a result.

Team of the Group Stage

Team of the group stage in FIFA 21

While Road to the Knockouts rewards team performance, Group of Groups Stage is all about personal excellence.

These are special one-time cards awarded to the best performing players in every group stage of European leagues, whether it’s a stellar goalscorer or a backline mainstay.

Duel with

FIFA 22 FUT vs

FUT Freeze was an epic hit in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, so it’s a bit surprising to see it changed in FIFA 22. However, Duel with enhance the ante by providing two versions of the same player with boosted stats.

Instead of just a ‘freeze’ tag, there is also a contrasting ‘fire tag’. A player can have two different upgrade cards, similar to Rulebreakers SBC.

Winter wildcard

FIFA 22 Winter Wildcard

EA isn’t afraid to think outside the box and just when you think you know what to expect from the next ad, they deliver a surprise.

The Winter wildcard The promotion is inspired by last year’s FUT Freeze. As with most promotions, stat boosts are made for players who join but strangely, only some players are seen in the new slot.

Subject line

Title FIFA 22

Subject line is a promotion that honors the best players of the season so far and gives them a very desirable card.

These dynamic items consistently maintain a rating one point higher than the player’s Top Rated Team of the Week, meaning they can continue to grow throughout the year.

Team of the Year


The most prestigious and expensive cards in each FUT season, Team of the Year Collect a team of the best players from the previous 12 months and give them incredible stats boost. TOTY is reserved only for the best of the best, and the 99-rated card isn’t unusual to see.

This has made them one of the rarest and most powerful players in Ultimate Team history.

Future star

Team of 2 future stars of FIFA 21

This is all about the young players who will light up the world stage in the years to come.

Although their base card may be unusable because of their age, Future star the cards are a glimpse of what a star might look like if they are to their full potential.

FUT’s birthday

FUT birthday in FIFA 21

Every year, EA celebrates Ultimate Team’s birthday with a festival full of cards, SBCs, and quirky goals.

This is where FIFA looks back at the fan-favorite players who dominated previous FUT years and brings them back with major upgrades.

Team of the Season

Team of the Season in FIFA 21

Possibly the most popular promotion in all of FIFA, the Team of the Season awards the best players from every major league for their performances throughout the real football season.

Every week, a new tournament of TOTS players is included in the pack with huge upgrades from their normal cards.

There are also plenty of SBCs and goals to accomplish, as well as a fan-voted team to join.



While most other promotions are based on real life football, FUTTIES is the winning lap for the current version of FIFA itself.

During the event, the famous meta players of the year, like Gabriel Jesus or Ben Yedder, pitted against each other in fan polls.

Winners are issued a powerfully upgraded FUTTIES card to help them compete against hundreds of other special players in everyone’s club.

So there you have it, it’s all the promotions and special cards we’re looking forward to landing at FUT this year. EA may also have some more tricks up their sleeve, so stay tuned to Charlie INTEL for the latest updates.

For more on FIFA 22, check out our guide to every pack in the gameas well as bonus schedule for each mode.

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