Felicia Rosario Proves Larry Ray Made Her Suicide

Larry Ray and Felicia Rosario 2

Larry Ray and Felicia Rosario

For Sarah Lawrence’s ex-girlfriend denouncing the leader of the sex “cult” Larry RayThe trajectory of their relationship can be symbolized by what has become her college felt coat.

Unlike Ray’s other alleged victims, Felicia Rosario not a student at Sarah Lawrence College. Ivy League Scholar matriculated first at Harvard University and then Columbia Medical School. Other witnesses testified that she wore the emblems of those schools with pride. Rosario testified for the first time on Monday, and a federal grand jury saw harrowing videos of her in a state of emotional turmoil wearing clothes tied to her former life. hers.

In one, Rosario wears medical clothing when Ray threatens to dispose of her, and she wears a Columbia University sweater in another when there appears to be a physical confrontation with him. An earlier witness testified that Ray had cut Rosario’s precious sweatshirt with scissors. She testified that Ray had her contemplating suicide, urged her to have sex with strangers, estranged her from her siblings and incited her to write a letter asking her alma mater. revoked her medical degree. It is not clear whether the tool was sent or not. Ray is currently charged with 17 federal counts, including fraud, sex trafficking, forced labor, extortion and more.

Rosario testified, “He threatened to ruin my life if we parted, especially on bad terms,” Rosario testified. “So not only did I die mentally, emotionally, he would destroy me if I hadn’t died.”

Rosario Brothers and Sisters

Yalitza Rosario, Felicia Rosario and Santos Rosario (Image via DOJ)

When she Older brother Santos Rosario had stood earlier in the trial, he told the jury that he had introduced his sisters as Felicia and Yalitza Rosario with Ray, believing that he will be a positive influence in his life. Santos Rosario said that Ray’s alleged mentoring would lead to physical and emotional abuse. Ray held a knife to Santos Rosario’s genitals and forced him and his sister Felicia to wear diaper. Santos previously told the jury that he dated the defendant’s daughter Talia Ray in his sophomore year, but that allegedly didn’t stop Ray from ordering Rosario to have sex with Ray’s alleged accomplice Isabella Pollok and Claudia Drury, with whom Ray allegedly worked as a prostitute. Drury later testified that Ray did 2.5 million dollars forced she got into prostitution.

Felicia Rosario’s testimony echoes that of her brother and Drury in significant ways. Both of Rosario’s siblings spoke about the humiliation of being forced to wear diapers and said Ray would force them into making false confessions about harming him. Drury testified that Ray would pressure her to have sex with strangers, before asking her to become an escort. Felicia Rosario gave similar testimony on Monday, telling the jury that Ray would push her into increasingly extreme sexual acts. She said he would ask her if she would go to the swing club or if she should join a “do exercise.Ray is said to have suggested Felicia Rosario wear a miniskirt without underwear and then try on shoes at a store, to anger the clerk. He will ask her to perform sex acts on the doorman and patrons of his random bar.

At first, she said, she resisted his “escalating” requests — but not without exception. She said she asked the doorman, who she said turned down her offer.

When Rosario followed Ray’s instructions to have sex with a stranger from a street bar, he gave her the tape with an iPad he had bought her as a good gift. career, she testified. Prosecutors say Ray forcibly recorded his alleged victims, including video and audio recordings of him questioning them about their alleged acts.

In one video, Felicia Rosario said her father was a heroin dealer, but she told the jury that was a lie. She said Ray had installed cameras in her apartment, and prosecutors showed the jury the images they took. Another video emerged showing Felicia Rosario being questioned.

She said that the shame of what Ray incited her to do and made her believe she did it cost her dearly, leading to her attempt to commit suicide.

“I was completely overwhelmed and horrified at what he said I did or what he could do to me,” she testified. “That was too much for me, and the content of that depravity by one person was just unbearable to me. And so I moved on and I tried to end it.”

Even that effort, Felicia Rosario said, turned into a wrist that Ray could use against her. Ray said she tried to commit suicide to get her mother’s attention and told her he knew she would do it, according to the witness. She says he will control her movements in her apartment, where she says only Ray and his daughter Talia have the keys. She says she will be forced to sleep with Ray and Pollok, in the nude.

She testified: “Ray likes hairless women everywhere, including their pubic area.

Like other witnesses, Felicia Rosario said Ray forced her to do manual labor at her stepfather’s home in Pinehurst, N.C. She added that she spent five days locked in the house, sleeping on the porch.

Felicia Rosario working

Prosecutors say this exhibit by Felicia Rosario shows her as forced labor on the North Carolina property of her stepfather Larry Ray. In the photo can be seen her Harvard sweatpants, proudly showing her alma mater.

In North Carolina, she said, Ray urged her to go outside chain stores like Walmart, Home Depot and Lowe’s to have sex with workers in the back room.

“Anywhere would be the most shameful and despicable place,” she explained.

She testified that if she didn’t want to commit suicide, she was afraid that Ray would kill her.

“If I hadn’t killed myself before I left out of total shame and grief about it — because it was really serious —[…] he will finish me off,” she said.

Felicia Rosario’s in-person examination was conducted late on Monday and will resume on Tuesday morning.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a hotline for individuals who are in crisis or who are looking to help others. To speak to a certified listener, call 1-800-273-8255.

Listen to the Law & Crime podcast “Objection” to the Larry Ray case:

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