Exposure: Antifa gunmen target police in Portland

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Andy Ngo is one of those brave reporters who, at great physical and mental cost, did everything to expose Antifa as a vicious gang of thugs. Despite being attacked and brutalized by those vicious thugs, he continues to pressurize and expose their attacks on basic pillars of civil society.

Most recently, he revealed, in the course of a large Antifa Twitter thread regarding a shooting, covering it up and targeting police officers in Portland.

The story begins with a shooting in a Portland park, a shooting that Ngo has this to say:

Last night there was a mass shooting in Portland at Normandale Park, where armed #antifa and leftist fighters were gathering for a live action. One woman died and five others were injured. #Antifa claims shooting was politically motivated

Following the #antifa-related mass shooting at their gathering in Portland last night, they are urging teammates to remove evidence from social media and not speak to investigators.

Participating in a crime and then covering it up? Sounds like a good fit for Antifa.

Then, later, Ngo added more details about who was involved in the shooting and what they usually do, reporting that:

The group involved in last night’s mass shooting in Portland is this group. They carry out direct armed actions where they attack people in public. This multi-victim assault case from May 2021 is still wanted by Portland Police. Info: https://portlandoregon.gov/police/news/read.cfm? Id = 311690 & ec = 1 & ch = twitter

After the attack, the Portland police department attempted to hold a press conference, but the meeting was snuffed out by Antifa’s often violent and irrational thugs, as Ngo reported:

From there, things went terribly wrong. After the press conference ended, the Antifa fighters began to act like the Mexican drug cartels or the Taliban after the recapture of Afghanistan, hunting down a police officer who turned against them. As Ngo reported:

#Antifa and far-left protesters tracked down and surrounded @PortlandPolice Lieutenant Nathan Sheppard after they shut down their press conference on last night’s mass shootings involving their teammates.

That’s a level of hooliganism rarely seen in America. The police and groups like Antifa may hate each other, but it’s rare for the mafia to go after each cop and go after them, even if it’s just for harassment. It was something that came from a war-torn third world country, not the United States.

However, it is happening here because the government has not treated Antifa like the terrorist group it was or has joined, at least, preventing it from conducting campaigns of harassment and sometimes violence. against its political enemies.

Instead, leftists like Chris Wray pretend that Antifa is just an “idea” and let it keep throwing Molotov cocktails or stalking and harassing individual police officers.

The blue states are transitioning to failed states; The ability of a group of thugs like Antifa to spy on and harass police in this way is further evidence of that decline.

https://smartzune.com/exposed-antifa-militants-target-cops-in-portland/ Exposure: Antifa gunmen target police in Portland

Dustin Huang

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