Everything You Need to Know About E-bike Insurance

In terms of bike evolution, the invention of e-bikes is probably one of the greatest in recent years. Most e-bikes aren’t cheap. Getting a decent electric bike can cost you about $1500 – $4000. It’s expensive and you shouldn’t risk riding your bike on the streets without an insurance cover.

The insurance cover will protect you against bike theft, accidental damage, personal liability, and third party. You will have peace of mind when riding through the streets as you won’t worry about damage.

The estimated cost of e-bike insurance

Most e-bike insurance covers provide coverage between home, auto, and renters. Some companies offer insurance for specific electric bikes. This could be a stand-alone e-bike insurance cover that ensures e-bike speeds up to 28 mph or power assist of up to750 watts.

The average cost of insurance for electric bike can start at $100 per year, offering various coverage levels and deductible options. Depending on your preferences, these policies can be customized to fit your riding style.

Why you need e-bike insurance cover

As stated above, electric bikes can be expensive, and no one wishes to lose their e-bike. You should always take precautions when you park your e-bike. Keep the e-bike locked whenever you are not using it. Though, your electric bike can be stolen even after all these precautions.

Sometimes you can accidentally injure a pedestrian or get yourself injured. The only option to save you from the pain of losing your e-bike or the medical bills you have to pay to cover an injury is taking out insurance. For more information and to take out the best one, visit Simple Bike Insurance. Below are various reasons why you need e-bike insurance coverage.

Accidental protection

What you need to understand is that accidents are unavoidable sometimes. Regardless of how cautious you can be on the road, another driver may get distracted or be in a hurry and trigger mishaps beyond your control.

Even though you might not be responsible for the cause of the accident, the law may place full responsibility on your shoulders. With just a little payment made consistently to the insurance company, you will be able to cover a huge amount of money in the event of an accident.

Your e-bike is protected against theft

Every month, thousands of bikes get stolen. If you own an electric bike, there is always a danger it may be stolen regardless of where you reside or ride the e-bike. You need to understand that your home insurance policy does not cover your e-bike.

Most e-bike theft cases happen on the streets or outside your home compound. With e-bike insurance, you can cover your e-bike against theft in all places you travel to in the United States.

Offers coverage against injuries

E-bike insurance policies cover you against injuries that happen when you are riding your bike. Sometimes the injuries might be minor, and you can recover quickly. Unfortunately, some accidents involving e-bikes may be dangerous and even life-threatening.

Suppose you are hospitalized! The medical bill will be too huge and may even exceed your financial means. With e-bike insurance, you can pay for medical bills. And this means you can get back to your normal routine without stress about medical expenditures.

It covers your travels

When taking an e-bike insurance cover, you must ensure that the policies will cover you even when going overseas and riding on the local roads. Discovering new places with your electric bike offers a thrilling experience. You will see fascinating landscapes and amazing architecture and meet new people.

An e-bike insurance cover will provide coverage while you are away by compensating you if the bike gets stolen or damaged. The amount paid is enough to see off the hassles that you may face while away.

For the third-party coverage

You should be very careful when riding on busy roads because you have a higher risk of getting hit by other vehicles. The picking power of the e-bike might not be as fast as that of cars, and you can easily get hit. Though there are times when you are solely to blame for the injuries or any property damage caused by accident, you are responsible.

You can get sued and face severe consequences, especially if you cause injury to any other person. This is why you need an e-bike insurance cover to protect you against personal liabilities.


E-bike insurance is vital to protect your electric bike against theft and cover your personal liabilities in case you cause an accident. With this cover, you will have peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about paying for medical bills in case an accident happens.   

Huynh Nguyen

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