Enemies of the Elden Ring are ranked, according to how delicious they are when eaten

Food is prepared and consumed at The Lands Between. Many of these are made from herbs that you collect on your travels: for example, I often make raisins for Torrent, my fine steed. But there are also varieties of braised meats, which can be turned into a variety of delicious snacks. Killing a deer or sheep can give you “Meat Pieces” – combine it with crab eggs (among other items) for “Invigorating Cured Meat”. Yum! This shows that, as in many other games, eating Elden Rings Enemies are a matter of course.

Naturally, I went around killing creatures, with an eye on crafting consumables – as these are very useful in a fight. But it also made me think, “Hmm, which of these creatures is worth a little nibble?” The Midlands are clearly filled with dangerous delicacies, and if I lived there, what would excite me? They may not come with their own aromatics (see: FarFetch’d of Pokémon, who wields a giant leek), but they certainly open a door of possibility.

Our employees have explored these possibilities, just as we have discovered them Elden Ringsvast map. These are the enemies that we want to eat. (And vegetarians and vegans, please stay away from our meat-eating preferences – Elden Rings also lush with delicious herbs.)

Giant crabs (and even smaller ones)

The lightest flesh, which tends to be commonly found in the claws – happens to be the part of the Elden Rings the crab that I am most familiar with. The crab likes to swing its huge claws at me, and as such I know there’s a lot of good stuff in it. –Nicole Clark

Soil spray

The land looks a lot like the icky eggs in the original Alien. Whenever I think of those eggs, I think of only one thing: a delicious spaghetti dinner. Is the ground squid delicious? Of course not. Nothing in Elden Rings tastes better than a small expired Tupperware cheese that’s been sun-dried in July. But at least the squid will remind me of a delicious pasta meal my astrologer will never enjoy. –Chris Plante

Birds have knives for their legs

It’s a meal that comes with its own utensils! Plus, they’re super annoying and I bet winning will be delicious (and tempting). –Pete Volk

Standing in front of the entrance to the Elden Ring Impaler's Catacombs, flanked by jellyfish, on the Weeping Peninsula

Image: FromSoftware / Bandai Namco via Polygon


Obviously I would never eat my own summons (the horror thing), but there are some enemy jellyfish in the game, and they would be really delicious in a cold salad. –NC

Crystal snail

When I first came across these slimy mantises, I immediately thought of prying them out of their shells with a giant fork and sautéing them in butter. I can’t help feeling like once you get through that hard shell, whether it’s sparkling rock or a giant skull, the snail meat is tough and earthy and delicious. I’ve never tasted snails among the times I’ve eaten it in real life, so I don’t know what convinced me. this It will be a satisfying experience. Maybe I read too much Delicious in the dungeonor trapped for too long in the dark tunnels of Elden Rings. Either way, I’m going to crack those crystals open and slurp up one of these snails like a thick udon noodle. – Jenna Stoeber

Ground octopus

The growing cultural awareness surrounding how smart octopuses are has led me to develop some new feelings about eating them. But the Ground Octopus is a cranky, tangled mass of tentacles and doesn’t appear to be as intelligent as its aquatic cousins, considering how it continues to lunge at my greatsword. What could be better than igniting one of those large tentacles over high heat and covering it with butter? Do it without guilt, that’s the thing. –Chelsea Stark

[Ed. Note: The following is a spoiler for late-game Elden Ring.]

Elden Ring's hero, in her early game armor, rides her Torrent horse through Limgrave

Image: FromSoftware via Polygon

Elden Beast

Feed me the Elden Monster! The final boss of the game looks like a combination of an eel, a dinosaur and all the stars in the universe. I’ll gouge out a piece right after killing him, and I’ll eat it raw. It will either result in me becoming a God or dying instantly, and either way, it will be worth it. —Austen Goslin

https://www.polygon.com/22993482/elden-ring-enemies-ranked-tasty-eat-food-crab Enemies of the Elden Ring are ranked, according to how delicious they are when eaten

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