Emphasis One Kiss Doesn’t Threaten His Cancellation

Nick Fuentes never had a girlfriend. He said he kissed a girl once. However, he doesn’t want to do it again.

The white nationalist recently revealed his long-held fascination with the romantic realm, but said he’s no longer interested in it. His fans mocked him, calling him voluntarily single and a fake. In his defense, Fuentes compared himself to Hitler and asserted that he was not celibate voluntarily — because he did not choose to be born.

Unintentionally celibacy, or a marriage, binds many to the far right. The online incel culture, where women shun men despite their wishes, is often cited as one of the factors driving the rise of extremism. Thus, Fuentes being able to make up with a woman, meaning he chose to be celibate rather than forced, would theoretically alienate Fuentes from his fans, who believe that Women do not desire them even though they crave sex.

Clips from Fuentes’ show were unearthed by Right Wing Watch.

“I did it once. I made my point. I proved my point and now I’m fine. Now I’m done,” Fuentes said of the kiss, which he said happened nine years ago when he was in high school.

His fans, who called themselves bullies, mocked him.

“Call me fakecel all you want. I’m an incel, okay. I knew I was someone with potential,” said Fuentes, reading their comments.

Other commenters poured in, calling him a “fake” and “wants to be guilty.”

“I don’t choose not to be in a relationship. I didn’t choose that,” he said, clapping his hands for emphasis.

“I am a misogynist. And I didn’t choose that. I did not choose to be born”.

“I’ve never touched a woman in my life.”

“…I don’t even want that, so. I don’t want to touch. I don’t want a relationship. You know what I want? Aryan’s total victory. That’s what I wanted,” continued Fuentes. “… Hugs and kisses, touching? Exquisite? Please.”

“If you don’t want to, that’s volcel,” he read from the comments seconds later. “NUH uh. Because I didn’t choose not to want it. I didn’t choose not to want it. I was born incel.”

Fuentes then introduced some cookie logic.

“I was born accidentally and involuntarily and I don’t want it, okay? So… I’m like Hitler. ”

Apparently unaware of Hitler’s longtime mistress, Eva Braun, Fuentes lamented, “How dare you call me a fake. If Hitler were alive today, you would call him an asshole. How lucky!”

“Hitler can have any girl he wants, but he says ‘I don’t have time for that.'”

“It’s not that Hitler is my hero or anything, but you called Hitler a liar.”

The mockery continued in the comments on the Right Wing Watch tweet.

“Nick Fuentes’ Cloning Arc Coming Soon”, a Written.

“Impress guys by bragging about how no woman will ever love me” more again.

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* First published: February 9, 2022, 10:05 a.m. CST

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