Elden Ring YouTuber crushes Malenia and “Git Gud” Reddit losers

A screenshot from borkyborkd (aka mrBorkD) YouTube video showing the infamous Malenia, Blade of Miquella, falling to her knees after being hit by a Level 1 Wretch.

Despite elden ringDue to the notorious difficulty of , people in The Lands Between are always looking for new challenges. A notoriously difficult late-game boss, Malenia has become a particular fixation for the community at large after an almost naked player became a celebrity by skillfully killing her. But now fans are raising the stakes even further by adding unique limitations to the fight against the famous red-haired demigod. And while it was impressive to watch, Malenia’s latest impressive challenge also forced the player at the center of it all to speak out against what he called an “elitist attitude”.

Next that sTar jerk RadahnMalenia is probably the second most notorious elden ring boss for good reason. She has this long katana that gives her tons of reach. She is fast and unpredictable, making her a nuisance in battle. She also deals hellish damage and can hit you with a tap if you’re not careful. Oh, and in the game’s latest patch, FromSoftware accidentally broke it so now it always heals itself She wants.

Although Malenia’s hard Reddit user Brian stops by borkyborkd on the forum page or mrBorkD on YouTubeHe wanted to make it harder. To increase the difficulty for himself, he limited his fight with the demigod to level one Tainted, which can only be used a single light attack. No station wagons. No spells. No blocking or dodging or jumping or rolling or anything – except running. That was allowed, but any other action – including healing – was taboo. It was almost a recreation of the fight that would ensue if you followed the rules of a current meme This suggests that there is nothing you can do in the fight against Malenia, not even breathe, if you want to consider the victory “legitimate”.

You’d think borkyborkd would get a beating with that kind of restriction. In fact, he walked out at the top and, most shockingly, wasn’t hit once.

Armed with the large Commander’s Standard halberda Dexterity and Strength scaling weapon dropped by Commander O’Neil and what appears to be the lightweight Aristocrat Hat helmet and literally nothing else borkyborkds Level 1 misery stabbed Malenia to death like on Facebook in the 2000s. When she demonstrated the deadly weapon skill Dance of the Waterfowl, he got a short jab in it. Even when she tried to avoid him, he still managed to lose some health. And borkyborkd did this for both Malenia’s phases. Really, he made her look like a chump.

Because Borkyborkd’s Malenia fight was so impressive, it quickly spread to r/Elden Ring, the subreddit dedicated to FromSoft’s new hotness. A popular but now banned post shared with the video mocked players for saying things like “Malenia and other endgame bosses have little to no openings.” Essentially, the post and video were used as a bludgeon to slam the idea of ​​hitting elden ringThe boss fights are unfair and require some luck. Malenia’s combat in particular is described by some as having little “openings”, ie small windows in which she doesn’t attack, and on top of that she’s quite aggressive. Malenia has multiple moves that attack multiple times and deal tons of damage.

This means that many players feel like they don’t stand a chance against them. So for the poster and several commenters, borkyborkd’s fight – making short work of Malenia without any frills – was the epitome of git gud, the feeling that it takes skill to advance souls games. Because if Borkyborkd can effortlessly destroy Malenia with one type of attack, then you either can or you have to suck. At least that’s the thinking implied here.

It is true that borkyborkd is trained. Beating Malenia is an achievement in itself, but doing it under such restrictions is simply mind-blowing. I’m jealous. But while he agreed with the general impression that he was skilled enough to defeat Malenia under these self-imposed conditions, he wasn’t concerned with the “elitist attitude” expressed in it different posts populate reddit.

A screenshot of borkyborkd's Reddit post that included the "elite attitude" A video of his victory over Malenia was used to commemorate it.

The phrase “git gud‘ is a meme in various gaming communities, but is mentioned a lot by fans of souls games. There is value behind the feeling. Getting good – that is, learning the mechanics and studying a boss’s patterns – is critical to progression and completion. while some souls Fans claim the phrase started out as genuine encouragement for those struggling with a challenging franchise. The more common usage of the phrase is used as a method to harass people who are struggling with a game in some way. Exactly this “elitist attitude” was not what Borkyborkd wanted to evoke with his video.

“For a casual or average player, it’s a perfectly understandable perspective that finding/creating opportunities to attack Malenia is difficult since most people don’t delve deeply into boss AI and patterns, which is only possible , when they spend countless hours analyzing them through trial and error,” borkyborkd wrote in response to the git gud discourse. “It might be cocky to say that, but from my point of view, since I’ve had so much experience with Boss and all the bullshit she has to offer, neither she nor people answer ‘God’ or ‘You are’ I just don’t know what they’re actually talking about.

In direct messages with kotakuborkyborkd explained his opinion and said that bothering someone about how to play is not a way to enjoy games.

“I often see people putting down struggling players or simply naming the things they’re struggling with,” borkyborkd said. “Everyone has different experiences, and even if someone says something wrong or doesn’t understand a boss, that’s no reason to bother them. I’m not saying that all criticisms of the game or its bosses are valid, nor that they are all invalid (I have many complaints myself). Since my killing was used to justify a bad mentality, I feel the need to say it again. Just because it’s possible to beat these bosses with high restrictions doesn’t mean they’re perfectly designed and all complaints are void. Conversely, just because you struggle with something doesn’t mean it’s bad or that you can’t get over it.”

A screenshot from borkyborkd's (aka mrBorkD) YouTube video showing him posing as the infamous Malenia, Blade of Miquella blossoms during the second phase of their battle.

Borkyborkd said a big reason he was able to beat Malenia so easily was because he had “well over 100+ hours of experience” fighting her before attempting this and then “another two days to come up with a good strategy.” Find”. He also had several power talismans to aid him, including the blue dancer spell, the Red Feathered Branchswordand the heirloom of Starscourge. Despite this extra support, the biggest advantage was the weapon of choice.

“During experimentation, I tried many weapons, but none of them worked,” said Borkyborkd. “Right after she hits Malenia, she’ll often perform a quick, fairly long-range melee attack. Because of this, most weapons cannot escape after being attacked without jumping or rolling. That means if you hit her from behind you can avoid it up close, but that means giving up a lot of chances to interrupt her and staying too close for Waterfowl Dance. Halberds hit a great sweet spot for range, speed, and stagger duration on Malenia.”

In the end, borkyborkd just wants people to play games the way they play them. Whether you’re equipping the heaviest gear, taking down cheese bosses for victory, or running through the Lands Between with just a glass on your head, borkyborkd hopes everyone will find the right challenge for them.

“Blaming the game won’t get you anywhere, but neither will blaming others who do it. Encourage rather than harass,” Borkyborkd concluded.

kotaku asked legendary hero Klein “Let Me Solo Her” Tsuboi for comment on the recent Malenia discourse.

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