Elden Ring Turtle Pope wins Deathmatch by doing nothing at all

Miriel the Turtle Pope from Elden Ring takes on a dragon.

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The animal kingdom is a savage beast that doesn’t care about gentle creatures, or at least that’s the only way I can mentally justify why YouTubers Bjorn the bear would brew a messed up situation like this. Bjorn decided to find out what would happen if you bet them all elden ring Tier in an ultimate deathmatch, and sadly this roster includes none other than Miriel, everyone’s favorite Turtle Pope.

Miriel is one elden ring Character found in a church who can teach you spells and incantations, and sometimes offer glimpses into the nature of belief and the broader lore of the lands in between. He’s also a soft-spoken giant tortoise, wearing a pope’s hat, of course elden ring Fans love the guy. In fact, Miriel is so loved by the community that there was widespread horror when it was revealed that some deranged individuals went out of their way to kill him just to see what would happen. It was an especially gruesome prospect because Miriel has a ton of health points, so anyone who wanted to take him down had to really get into the act. And then, to add insult to injury, Miriel’s death ends with a horrifying screech that really makes it clear that you’re a terrible person who doesn’t deserve Grace’s guidance.

The ULTIMATE Animal Battle Royale – Elden Ring

But how would Miriel fare against the other creatures? elden ring? In this video you can see how it is placed on a battlefield that includes everything from dragons to the dreaded rune bears. At first it’s almost twitching: while everyone insults each other, poor Miriel just freezes. He doesn’t attack even if multiple enemies join forces against him.

However, as if protected by Marika herself, Miriel ends to survive this first fight precisely because he chose peace over violence. While everyone else was busy taking up arms, the AI ​​seemed to be slowly forgetting everything that wasn’t moving. The outcome of the first fight ends in a tie, but more importantly, Miriel comes away a little scratched alive.

Does that sound like a scam? You belong in the Leyndell sewers, my friend. Miriel shows his dominance in the second round where, if I may add, each enemy is actually a tougher version than the ones in the “tie” round. However, the power boost ends up betraying them all as the finalists kill each other leaving only Miriel.

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It reminds me a lot of those classics mario party and smash bros Videos where characters like Luigi emerge victorious by not playing the game at all. Really some galaxy brain shit.

As Bjorn the bear‘s video continues, enacting more deathmatch variants, including one that all scales to the same power level. The turtle pope doesn’t always survive, but let’s never forget that Miriel is the moral victor here.

https://kotaku.com/elden-ring-miriel-turtle-pope-fromsoftware-youtube-1849344582 Elden Ring Turtle Pope wins Deathmatch by doing nothing at all

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