Elden Ring players keep missing the combat tutorial

A battered player in Elden Ring grabs his sword while standing in a field of yellow flowers.

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The call to adventure published by Elden ring When it was released on February 25th, it proved irresistible to many players. Perhaps a little too compelling, as many players’ eagerness to dive headfirst into the game’s stunning and brutal scenery, coupled with the game’s own tendency to obfuscate things that other games make very clear, led to them being direct at first skipped past the combat tutorial section. At least some of these players mistook this bastion of leadership and learning for one of FromSoft’s infamous and deadly traps.

After customizing your character, take an easy jaunt through the game’s sprawling landscape and get your generous butt bowled over by the spidery monstrosity Grafted Sproutyou find yourself in a dark cave, seemingly thrown away like one of Sid’s toys toy story. As you orient yourself, you’ll soon see two basic options: a doorway lit by the diffused light of a glowing tree, with statues lining its steps, and a pit where a ghost sits, waiting to take you to the Encouraging jumping in The glowing tree is heartily tempting, the cold, dark pit the ghost drives you into actually contains the game’s combat tutorial.

Many games use visual cues like light sources to subtly guide you towards progress, and in that regard Elden ring is no different. The literally glowing tree lures you into the game’s vast open world. However, the Pit’s combat tutorial introduces you to key gameplay mechanics such as dodging, blocking, parrying and targeting enemies, a useful crash course especially for those new to FromSoft’s whole Dark Souls design ethos with Elden ring. But who could blame you for not diving into the mysterious pit just because a ghost challenged you? At long last, souls Games are notorious for luring players into all sorts of deadly traps. How is a player supposed to know this pit isn’t another one?

When Bruno Dias, a writer and director at FailBetter Games, tweeted a photo with arrows pointing to both the game’s launch and its combat tutorial, A little discourse followedwith a camp arguing that Elden ringThe level design of is a great example of how players are encouraged and rewarded for exploration, and another saying that the game should communicate more openly that the cave contains a tutorial area.

“This is really awesome because if you’ve played a soul game before, you’ll be reluctant to jump into a pit and head for the door.” wrote one Twitter user. “Whereas new players will talk to and trust the ghost man because the games haven’t given them any trust issues yet.”

“I feel like the message needs to be more explicit.” wrote former Kotaku Australia Editor Alex Walker. “I couldn’t see the bonfire from my vantage point, not even the Sims, so I treated it like the other messages I’d seen up to that point: ‘This should piss me off.'”

An Elden Ring player stands in a dark cavern at the beginning of the game over a developer message informing them of a cavern of knowledge before the entrance of a dark pit.

This sign can’t stop me because I can’t read.
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It’s often said that reading is fundamental, and it’s definitely true Elden ring. In fact, the game very strongly suggests that the dark jump leads to a tutorial area, via a message left by the developers themselves, which you can find scrawled at the pit’s abyss.

“The Cave of Knowledge lies below,” reads the message, and you might think that, along with the spirit’s words of encouragement, would be enough to nudge players wanting to get a grip on the basics of the game into the waiting pit. However, the one thing that clearly sets developer news apart from other players is your ability to rate it, a subtle distinction that’s easy to overlook. Additionally, the message is surrounded by similar-looking player messages, which most of the time are funny or misleading troll messages rather than real clues as to what lies ahead. With players misleading one another as to the true nature of the cave, it’s no wonder many balk at jumping into the inhospitable pit, especially when the tree’s warm glow lures them into the seeming comfort of the nearby structure .

I think there’s something ingenious and very appropriate about it Dark Souls Design philosophy about how Elden ring takes over this. Here you have the risk-reward gambling game of defying the gaming world by delving into the unknown, presented in a manner that may evoke the legitimate fears of experienced gamblers in particular – fears that have developed over the years, in which they were hilariously crushed by deadly traps or fearsome enemies after venturing forth in FromSoft games. If you’re a SoulsBorne veteran, you’re no doubt battle-hardened enough to know the basics Elden ring‘s combat mechanics and probably don’t need the tutorial. If you miss the tutorial pit, or decide to skip it altogether, time itself will no doubt quickly become a tough teacher when it comes to how to go from a softly virginally clouded to a Chad combat veteran receiving warm hugs with plot implications. But if you need a refresher on the details Elden ring‘s battle, you can always fast-travel back to the battle cave to get good.

https://kotaku.com/elden-ring-tutorial-combat-cave-pit-skip-missed-ghost-t-1848618186 Elden Ring players keep missing the combat tutorial

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