Elden Ring players become rolling death traps

elden ring Players pull off all sorts of crazy shenanigans Whip it up in less than 30 minutes to Unlock cut content through hacks. you are straight Defeat bosses with stylish ease, something I would like to be able to do. But thanks to the fans of the latest version of FromSoftware souls-like, I may have found my new favorite winning strategy: Hedgehog-style non-stop rolling.

The game has equippable items called Ashes of War, which you can use on weapons to change their stat scaling or give them a different weapon skill. That’s cool and underlines the range elden ringthe customization options of . By replacing the weapon skill or stat scaling of your favorite armament, you can tailor it to your character build. Like the sword you have but hate his weapon skill? Swap it out and the sword can better suit your playstyle.

I made this with one of the two uchigatanas I have. It also appears to be what other players have done after finding the hilariously broken Ashes of War that ”Lightning Aries‘ as evidenced by the antics of Twitter user tylxx.

Tylxx posted a clip of them taking part elden ring PvP, although I’d call it less Participate than Dominate since the other player literally couldn’t move after Tylxx landed his first punch. In the clip, Tylxx and an accomplice simply spammed the Lightning Ram weapon skill and rolled like a hedgehog with bladed jewelry – or one of the weird ones elden ring Ram – until the enemy player was completely dead. It’s funny, but obviously unfortunate for that other player, when Tylxx and her companion pose in the most anime-esque way afterward to salt the wound.

But what is it that breaks the Blitzbock? Then found killing a Teardrop Scarab on Atlus Plateau, the movement envelops you in a flash as your character bleats like a goat, curls up into a ball, and rolls around like a steppe weed. It deals high damage, consumes little concentration and stamina, and can be cast repeatedly without a break. Additionally, Lightning Ram has high priority, disrupting most attacks in PvP and making it deadly for online players.

said Tylxx kotaku via direct messages that he and his friend were frustrated at being mugged by other players and decided to clap back. But then his friend found a strange trick…

“As for the backstory, I just want to stress that me and my friend [PP in the video] got pretty frustrated with invasions and all the ‘OP build’ nonsense people were using,” Tylxx said. “Usually when we’re fooling around, people will break in and just shoot us once with the pre-patch Erdtree Shield. Absolutely no fun. We made it our mission to give people at least one memorable experience when they walked into us, and given the response to the video, I think we’ve accomplished that.”

Tylxx’s short clip is perhaps one of the most popular instances of one elden ring Player rolling for victory but it’s certainly not the only one out there. Tons of people are using the lightning ram with great success, Kill tough bosses like Malenia, Blade of Miquella and ruining a worrying number of online gamers.

To be honest, I love it and hate it. It’s silly fun to watch people choose to roll for victory instead of engaging in honorable head-to-head combat. But while I can laugh when I see a poor juice of bludgeoned being absolutely bludgeoned down elden ring Player, being on the receiving end of this probably sucks. On the other hand, apparently the player Tylxx was demolished in the video found the ass panting hilarious. Maybe it’s more fun than it looks. Elden Ring players become rolling death traps

Curtis Crabtree

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