Elden Ring Patch makes Radahn Boss harder after accidental nerf

Elden Ring's Radahn prepares to kick some players' ass after being patched back to full strength.

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One of elden ringThe toughest bosses of just got tougher again. FromSoftware released a small patch overnight to polish Starscourge Radahn post-game massive 1.03 patch accidentally nerfed some of the demigod’s attacks. Some elden ring Players are already looking forward to it because if there’s one thing they love, it’s being pounded mercilessly.

The unofficial boss of Redmane Castle, Star Court Radahn pelts you with arrows, multi-hit combos, and a variety of gravitational energy attacks to punish greed and sloppiness. He has already become one legendary memes within the elden ring community for being both amazing and complete nonsense. However, if you faced him between March 17th and yesterday, you didn’t face him in full force thanks to a mysterious bug. Patch 1.03.3, which went live on console and PC on April 4th, corrects this.

“Fixed a bug in the balance adjustment of the boss ‘Starscourge Radahn’ in update 1.03, where the power of some attacks was unintentionally reduced,” said the note reads.

While FromSoftware’s patch notes remain vague, players have been able to do so Select some changes to Radahn shortly after update 1.03 originally came out. In particular, the damage from melee and some other attacks seemed reduced, and his hitboxes for connecting to attacks were also smaller. No longer.

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Radahn combat has some unique aspects, most notably the fact that a number of famous warriors from the game’s fictional universe are summoned to fight alongside you. This helps distract Radahn, allowing players to sneak up on damage without being instantly hit. It also means that Radahn is built to take on an entire roster. There are also classic Souls moments like the way he disappears mid-air in mid-fight only to crash back down to earth shortly after rain death and destruction.

But because of the accidental nerf, many players have been beating up Radahn recently, unaware that they’ve been given an extra helping hand. “I beat him on the second try in the first game…I didn’t realize he was annoyed…I thought I was lucky,” one player wrote on the elden ring underreddit. “Beat him on my third try, didn’t know that either lol,” wrote another.

Some players felt Radahn was way too easy, especially on second playthroughs. “In 40 years: ‘Gather grandchildren, and hear the story of my epic duel with pre-Nerf Radahn, the Scourge of the Stars'” joked one shortly after the nerf was discovered. Now everyone else, whether they wanted to or not, can bask in the glory of the Radahn defeat, as was apparently intended.

https://kotaku.com/elden-ring-starscourge-radahn-boss-fight-patch-bug-nerf-1848745235 Elden Ring Patch makes Radahn Boss harder after accidental nerf

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