Elden Ring NPC Fia secretly applies a health requirement to a hug

A glowing woman holds a crowned corpse.

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Elden Ringlike many soul previous games, it can be a bit reticent to give you important information. In particular, you may notice a special icon below your health, magic, and stamina bar that depicts a red square with a down arrow. “Where the hell did that come from?” you might ask yourself, and I say, “Have you hugged any strange woman lately?”

When reaching a certain point in Elden RingEarly in the game — it 100% happens after defeating the first main boss, Margit the Fell Omen, but some are also reporting it happens first — you’ll be invited to the Roundtable. This central area includes a lot of amenities, such as merchants and blacksmiths, who improve your equipment more than you can make yourself, but the most interesting NPC is a woman named Fia , introduced in the game’s tense intro as “Death Bed Companion”.

At first, it didn’t seem like Fia could do much. She offers to hug you, a rare warm moment in soul and gives you Baldachin’s Blessing, a unique item that boosts your poise at the cost of a portion of your magical energy, before sending you back on track. The whole scene, while touching, comes and goes without a second thought. But as it turns out, there’s a price to pay for proving Varre once and for all that you don’t as a girl as he thinks.

Remember the first time Fia asked to keep you. Remember how you shared your “vigorous vigor” and “toughness” in exchange for her hugs? It’s not just flowery dialogue on her part: Her hug actually reduces your max HP by 5%, a bug indicated by the mysterious red square that I mentioned previously. It may not seem like much, but trust me, you’ll wish you had that 5% back at the end of the tough boss fight whether or not her blessing goes to you.

Fortunately, regain that lost HP as simple as using Baldachin’s Blessing in your inventory.

Could Fia’s declining health, false positives, and sexually transmitted disease be a clue that the Bed Companion was hiding something more sinister? Elden Ringof the campaign? I can’t say now, but over a decade ago soul Experience has taught me that you cannot trust everyone you meet in these games. I certainly wouldn’t pass up FromSoftware in favor of something nice like someone offering free doomsday hugs to facilitate some kind of vile conspiracy.

https://kotaku.com/elden-ring-fromsoftware-fia-deathbed-companion-debuff-s-1848603291 Elden Ring NPC Fia secretly applies a health requirement to a hug

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