Elden Ring Fan beats more bosses without doing much

Elden Rings Bosses are tough enough for me no matter how willing I am to fight them, so it is extraordinary (and incredibly frustrating) to watch someone hit her without doing anything. Case study: YouTuber InfernoPluswho is back with a new video of bosses being kissed by casting a powerful necromancy on them and then lying around doing absolutely nothing else.

In their latest video, Inferno demonstrates the technique of polishing Elden Rings notoriously challenging enemies – in this case featuring Ghost Ash Exiled Knight Oleg– without having to hold a controller.

Last week, inferno posted a clip of them doing absolutely nothing while their Spirit Ash, the Raya Lucaria Soldiers, did the dirty work killing the Tree Sentinel that roams the early parts of Limgrave. The hilarious video showed Inferno perching on some rocks and watching the trio of ethereal warriors all but devastate the golden, halberd-wielding mercenary.

In this latest video, Inferno performs in a variety of ways gestures (including one called “balled up” where you lie on the ground in the fetal position), while exiled knight Oleg herded bosses like that into town Bell Bearing Hunter and Leonine Missed. And not once did Inferno take damage while gesturing. Part of me is seething because some of these enemies are so tough, but I can’t help but laugh at it how easy cheese is elden ring bosses.

It’s worth noting that this appears to be an early game. Inferno’s hero was level 15 and her banished knight Oleg was only upgraded to +9. Still, this summon is really good if you can pick it up from the Fringefolk hero’s grave at Limgrave. You must fight against the big and tough Ulcerated Tree Spirit at the end of the dungeon to get the summon, but she deals massive damage and has high combo potential with her two swords, making it worth preparing for elden ringendgame.

hell told kotaku to Direct Messages that summoning a spirit ash is better in most cases, since Elden Ring doesn’t register your spirit companions as additional players, meaning the boss’s health doesn’t increase.

“You can defeat pretty much every boss in Limgrave, Stormveil, Raya Lucaria, and Liurnia with a high level summon. But after that, you have to start helping,” Inferno said. “The bosses in Caelid and Altus are just a bit too strong for a summon to do completely unaided. I will say that the summon is insanely powerful and can pretty much carry you through some endgame fights as long as you actively assist. I would even go so far as to say that the good summoners are better than the actual players in most cases. This is mainly because the game increases boss HP when you summon real players, but it doesn’t do that for necromancy.”

elden ring It might not be an easy game, but people on the internet are definitely pulling it off seem like one. Of Players who beat it without dying to many others refuse to ascend, the latest from FromSoftware, has been completed in many ways. In case you’re wondering about me, I died from that again last night Magma Wyrm in my feeble attempt to snag the excellent Moonveil katana.

https://kotaku.com/elden-ring-spirit-ash-summon-banished-knight-oleg-froms-1848680330 Elden Ring Fan beats more bosses without doing much

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