Elden Ring Chest Chep Sinister Trap (And It Wasn’t An Imitation)

An imaginary warrior knelt down in boredom before a glittering treasure chest.

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I met my first time Elden Ring package. It’s designed to look like a chest, tucked away safely in a low-level area of ​​FromSoftware’s latest action RPG, but it took me on a whirlwind journey through some parts. worse in the game’s dilapidated world.

I spent a few hours in Elden Ring Play through, exploring the lands around the lake named for the dragon Agheel in the game’s Limgrave region. From early previews, I knew that a boss battle against the giant monster would start if I ventured too far into the shallow waters of the lake, so instead of using the galloping gait of my noble steed Torrent, I snuck out on foot. I finally discovered the Dragon Burned Relicin which a group of torchbearers chanted Agheel’s name, and slowly approached.

Defeating these enemies was a piece of cake, even after I didn’t realize their big dog companions until it was too late. I approached the fight because I had a lot in these early hours with Elden Ring: Get as close as you can without arousing suspicion, summon a couple of spectral wolves to do my duty and lunge at my enemies from long range with my spear and fire spell whatever when loopholes appear. It’s not flashy, but it gets the job done and, more importantly, keeps me as safe as possible.

After killing Agheel’s super fans, I began scouring the ruined structures for loot, while keeping an eye on the horizon in case the dragon responds to the call of the public to love it. I didn’t find anything worthwhile until I saw it. A chest, the small gap between its lid and body glittering with light. It was almost calling me, begging me to open it. I am obligated. This is a rare opportunity for me very soon Elden Ringand I didn’t let extreme caution keep me away from my prize.

Looking back, I should probably be a small more careful.

Like most soul Fans will know that FromSoftware loves to set traps in treasure chests. Sometimes, treasure chests are alive. They’re called mimics and they’re huge assholes if they catch you off guard. But this is not an imitation. An imitation that I can handle without breaking a sweat, and will still have some treasures to look forward to after defeating it. No, this is something completely different. When I opened the chest, I found myself engulfed in a thick purple mist, a warning message that I was being teleported against my will.

Goodbye, doggies.
GIF: FromSoftware / Kotaku

All my wolf friends could do was watch me magically free my soul.

A surprisingly long loading screen later, I found myself in a small tent. An area message pops up saying I’m somewhere called Sellia Crystal Tunnel. I saw a crouching figure holding a cane cross the threshold of the building and immediately crouched down to hide my presence. Stepping around my cave, I noticed similar men using magical tools to erode veins of light colored ore in the ground and walls. Standing on the roof of the shack that I had just left was a strange bug-like creature with several arms, watching the workers like a foreman or supervisor.

Stupidly, I thought I could talk to this centipede and try to jump onto the platform it occupies. I slipped. It saw me and instantly fired a deadly barrage of prongs that completely destroyed my health bar to the point where a second off-screen volley was enough to finish me off in a flash. “Well, that’s the end of it,” I thought to myself, assuming this death would work like many of my others in the past. Elden Ring and take me back to my last checkpoint. My heart sank as I awoke in that very place, the familiar sounds of miners resounding in the cave.

Embargo Kotaku agree in exchange for an early Elden Ring The code means I can’t show you any of my arduous journeys through the Sellia Crystal Tunnel. Not that it would be as exciting, although it is a beautiful area if you can ignore all the bugs trying to kill you. Sadly, I didn’t have much time to enjoy the surroundings. Through dozens of tries, I ran through the cave system to find a way out, the game notifying me every time I visited the map that I wouldn’t be able to get to safety quickly until I found a way out. And while I was able to loot some pretty good treasures along the way, the whole experience left me unsettled. Not in a bad way, of course, just the way FromSoftware games usually do.

read video game graphics, "You have been trapped."

Well… damn it.
Screenshots: FromSoftware / Kotaku

During that time, I was reminded of Bloodborne, especially the point where its world is besieged by creatures known as Snatchers. These tall, hooded figures appear after defeating the Blood Hungry Beast, and if they kill you, they will imprison you in an area that, like the Sellia Crystal Tunnel, is out of reach. yours at that point in the story. Both scenarios are really just ways for their respective games to get jerky. But I have to admit, peeking at high-level dungeons and picking up some items earlier than usual is fun. Plus, I can now teleport to the Sellia Crystal Tunnel and its surrounding areas whenever I want, giving me quick access to all of their valuable treasures when I can finally deal with the dangers they present.

Elden Ring It’s FromSoftware’s Saturday soul-as since the official establishment of the pseudo-genre with 2009 the soul of the devil. Now, those of us who’ve played every game the company’s sadistic developers have put out in that time are starting to get used to their quirks. This treasure chest, as simple as it sounds on paper, is a necessary evolution for soul– kind of bullshit. Poison swamp? Sure, yes, anything. Bridge collapse? I pass it. Mimic? Bleed. But this teleportation chest had an old-school-like atmosphere to it. Classic role-playing games used to pull these types of stunts all the time, and it’s great to see a studio clearly influenced by the heavy, player-engaging experience of early PC games. back to something both familiar and new.

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