Elden Ring: Best weapon after patch 1.03 and 1.04

Bloody Helice

Many Ashes of War deal absolute damage thanks to the large amount of wind leaving the user vulnerable. However, the Bloody Helice is a notable exception. Update 1.03 made this weapon a must-have item for players who wanted to dance around their opponents.

Bloody Helice has always had a decent speed, but now it has the amount of damage dealt to match. Each attack is like a truck, but the Bloody Helice’s trump card in the main pit is the Ash of War, Dynast’s Finesse. This skill opens with a long setback that delivers an iframe followed by a powerful lunge. Plus, the player can combine that attack into a powerful slash. If activated just before an enemy attack, Dynast’s Finesse allows the user to glide and harmlessly counterattack with a terrifying penetrating blow. And rightly so, every Bloody Helice attack deals bleeding damage.

Since the Bloody Helice is a primary thruster with defensive Ash of War, this weapon requires a bit more skill to use than the others on this list. A poorly timed Dynast’s Finesse will miss (or worse, send the player off a cliff), but with some practice, a Bloody Helice is a player’s best friend.


Daggers are a risky proposition in Elden Ring. On the one hand, they are the fastest weapon in the game, but on the other hand, they have the least range. Reduvia dared to be different, and that challenge paid off in Update 1.03.

Reduvia is the only dagger in Elden Ring scaled with Arcane, so before the patch it had questionable damage. Now, this weapon is just as deadly as it looks. Since Reduvia deals bleeding damage, the player can quickly create debuffs thanks to the weapon’s speed. Furthermore, Reduvia overcomes the inherent range defect of the dagger with the Ash of War, Reduvia Blood Blade. True to its name, this skill fires a weaponized blood projectile that gives Reduvia a projectile attack. With only 6 FP per use, this Ash of War can be spammed like a machine gun and each hit deals bleeding damage.

Since New Game+ resets items, players who pick up Reduvia in a single playthrough can collect another item and then power-up their stance to double their damage and health build-up. Thanks to Update 1.03, that strategy has been as tame as it sounds.

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