Elden Ring Bastard silently steals from you every time you die

Gostoc the Gatekeeper, the first person you meet in Castle Stormveil.

screenshot: By Software/Kotaku

I should know better by now; I should expect everyone I meet to be in elden ring will either suck straight up or have some sort of tragic plot that will dry my bones with existential angst. I should probably kill every NPC I see just to save myself the agony and just leave the turtle pope and his pure heart in this cursed, immortal land. But maybe I’m just mad at that one idiot you meet so early.

Let me come back for a second. So when you first go into Stormveil Castle you will meet a man named Gatekeeper Gostoc. At first he seems like a decent guy and goes so far as to advise you not to go through the main entrance lest you end up in a world of pain. He mentions a side path, which sounds like a great idea – let’s skip all the nasty stuff! And so you set out, trying your best to get to Godrick without getting hit by a stray knight or worse, disgusted by all the hanging limbs.

I wasn’t very good at that. Stormveil and its narrow corridors, high cliffs, and powerful enemies have been my most hated part of the game for a long time. Part of what makes elden ring so accessible compared to his souls Predecessor is the open world; When faced with danger, you can usually turn back and get to safety, or find somewhere else. And while you can choose to fly over to Godrick when you reach his castle, it’s just a matter of seeing what’s inside. Also, the fandom loves to talk about when everyone finally managed to kill Godrick. Stormveil Castle is less of a dungeon and more of a challenge.

did i have to do it No. Did it feel like hitting it would prove something to me? Somehow. In practice, that really meant that I kept dying over the course of an embarrassing number of hours in Stormveil. I would walk in with runes and new offensive items and walk out empty pockets, defeated and depressed. But one thing about repeatedly killing things is that you can see what they’re worth, experientially (or rune-wise, in this case). And through that process, I realized something was wrong.

Why was my character suddenly earning less runes? I knew which giants usually fall because I’ve been growing them outside of the castle all along. But for whatever reason, when picking up runes that I dropped after death, the amount I retrieved was always smaller than the amount I originally died with. It was fishy, ​​but at the time I assumed it was probably just one unexplained mechanic among many elden ring, or maybe some other depressing feature of this particular dungeon. I forgot because there weren’t enough runes to actually do anything with it anyway.

When I finally killed Godrick, Gostoc surprised me and came out, only to stomp on the grafted madman’s head. A bit envious watching this, I complained that the game doesn’t give you a tailored “fuck you” moment after big wins, just for added gratification. Well, good for him, I thought. Usually this is the point where I make my way back through a dungeon to clear things I’ve missed and look for secrets. At some point during my triple check, it’s wiki time. With a game that hides as many secrets as elden ring, you can never be too careful.

I do not know exactly how I got to the site but I looked up Gostoc’s site and sat horrified when I realized it was him. This guy cheated on me all along. As the wiki explains, Gostoc steals from you Every time you die in the castle, you apparently pocket about 30% of the hard-earned earnings you leave on the ground.

Actually, it’s even more messed up than that. Gostoc will do anything to rob you at least once by putting you in a dangerous situation. For example, there’s a point where you get locked in a room in Keep Stormveil with a very tough knight. When you experience it you think – oh, that’s just typical souls Brutality. Bosses and mini-bosses will find a way to catch you, usually behind fog, so this felt like the game was pulling its usual tricks.

But fans have found evidence that Gostoc is suspiciously sneaking around various places in the castle, apparently teleporting there from where it originally started. Even if he’s not directly chasing you, the fact that he’s there at all—and that he seems so sly to begin with—gives the illusion that he’s been following you. So, the theory goes, maybe Gostoc is why you got trapped in the first place? The wiki claims you can hear his laughter, but I’m not sure if I heard that at the time. There’s certainly footage of him sneaking around, and if you walk up to him in those moments, he seems oddly guilty about something. That’s why he offers you an item out of nowhere. He’s bagging a lot more valuable stuff.

It took me a whopping 27 hours to finally beat Godrick. While these weren’t all specifically issued in Stormveil, considering how many times I’ve died there, by my calculations I’ve made this man damn rich. And he had the nerve to present himself as a businessman and to challenge himself me for his goods. And where did he even get his inventory from? I’m sure I’m not the first person he’s betrayed, judging by all the corpses littering the castle.

elden ring Of course, this isn’t the first game to do something like this. I am reminded of failure 2, where there is a town where small children can steal your character. And not just because of money. Although this has never happened to me, reports suggest it failure 2 children can apparently snatch key items, which prevents you from easily completing large quests. I’ve done worse! Stand out also gives you ‘reverse pickpocketing’, allowing you to stick a live grenade down someone’s pants, which Gostoc would probably approve of.

Unsurprisingly, many players happily report killing him for his misdeeds. Most seem surprised by Gostoc’s betrayal, if they ever find out about it. Certainly murder could be a mistake if you take a longer view; one of the top comments There is a player warning on his wiki page not In order to kill him, Gostoc, if he stays alive, sells a fairly rare, important upgrade material later in the game.

At least a few murders aren’t premeditated. “F*ck I killed him in one of his hideouts because I thought he was hostile,” one player wrote in the wiki’s comments. “At least they could [have] Giving it a unique look? Stupid Fromsoft.”

An anonymous player at the Gostoc page on the Elden Ring wiki.

screenshot: Elden Ring Wiki/Kotaku

Perhaps most unfortunate are the occasional gamer who claims that somehow, whether by mistake or haunting, Gostoc continued to rob them after his death, even outside of Stormveil itself. Whether it happens or not is almost beside the point. If Gostoc has indeed found a way to continue tormenting players beyond his mortal limits, or if it turns out that players were imagining things, the Gatekeeper will have the last laugh.

https://kotaku.com/damn-elden-ring-doesnt-even-let-you-die-in-peace-1848715641 Elden Ring Bastard silently steals from you every time you die

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