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NS Many tigers I must be picking up my brain, because Eduardo Rodriguez is on my shortlist for 2022 fantasy baseball sleep post. I’m asking Many tigers politely: Please, stop picking up my brain, after just going on a Scarecrow-esque spiritual journey from brainless to full brain. People with plump brains call them “full brains,” right? Correct? Great, thank you. So last year, Eduardo Rodriguez go 13-8 with 3.32 FIP, 10.6 K/9 and 2.7 BB/9. If you’re like me – an omniscient – you’re probably thinking, “Hey, this guy has never been. mention your ERA or WHIP!” Smart we are. I speak like Yoda. I don’t mention those stats, because I want you to see how good it is Eduardo Rodriguez is before telling you how bad Eduardo Rodriguez to be. If you’ve just seen those numbers, you’re like, “This guy with the big brain is telling me Ed-Rod is good, and those numbers show me Ed-Rod is good, so what? How will he become a sleeper in fantasy baseball in 2022? “A good question for someone like me who doesn’t have all the information in their head. Ed-Rod had a 4.74 ERA last year at 157 2/3 IP. Ha, that’s horrible, and why I think a lot of people would ignore him. Eduardo Rodriguez was very unlucky in 2020, then in various ways he was unlucky again in 2021. Let’s focus on his xBA, because that’s what will happen to us (play score) letter!):

Look at the xBA. This is crazy. Every pitch should have produced a better result, except for his slider (more in a second). His velocity dropped to a hair in 2021, but it actually dropped in April, after a year of rest, then it took off. Not quite up to the 2019 level, but close enough. I’m not worried about velocity loss. Fenway isn’t a great park for BABIP, so maybe eliminating some of his bad luck across the board, but is *that* a lot of bad luck? Does he walk under a ladder on his way out to the mound every match? If he gets traded after 2019 and he has a new home park in 2021, I can say these BABIPs may not retrace, but this guy is clearly out of luck and that will automatically fix. Quickly remove unrelated xBA number as he is starting to figure out his slider, which has had a long time in the germinating shell. Since 2015, he has been throwing a slider and the values ​​it produces are all negative, which makes me chuckle a little. He’s still trying it, and it’s still not great. Either way last year was the best year, uh, negative was -0.14. Just so you know how it compares, in 2019 it’s -2.31. That’s too bad. Don’t think that makes a lot of sense, but if his slider turns out to be a positive throw for him to go with his cutter, quick ball, and swing, the three throws are all extremely positive close Here in 2019, Ed-Rod won’t be the one to oversleep that becomes number two, but he will be an ace.

I’ve been an Ed-Rod fan for so long, I painted his face on a kitchen cabinet I call my Ed-Rod cupboard and that’s where I keep my Big Gulp mugs My Top Gun themed collection. He rewarded me with two seasons 3.82 and 3.81 (who are you, Khris Davis with the number .247), then I went last year, because he went missing in 2020, but it’s time to come back. 2022 could be the year when we finally see him realize the huge opposite. For 2022, I will give Eduardo Rodriguez predict 14-7/3.77/1.24/217 in 191 IP with a chance of getting more. Anyway, here’s what else I’ve seen this 2022 fantasy baseball season:

Tucker Barnhart – Transactions for Many tigers for Nick Quintana. Many tigers really liked the way Barnhart worked with the arsenal. I’m kid, I don’t care *ucker Barnhart, but this is great news for Tyler Stephenson, who I fell in love with a little bit. For 2022, I will give Tucker Barnhart projection of 43/8/48 / .239 in 312 AB.

Mike Brosseau – Transactions for Brewer. Milwaukee becomes Whoa’s new number one capital, because that’s what Brosseau is. In the ’70s, Milwaukee imitated the Fifties Fonzie and his brothers said, “Ayy,” but nearly 50 years later, it’s Brosseau now, “Wow.” So Brosseau went to Brewer and Rowdy Tellez received his platoon partner in November. Lowercase yay! Why doesn’t anyone let Rowdy play full time? I’m begging you – Wait a minute, Brewer about to receive a DH! Rowdy can play! NL will get a designated hitter, and Rowdy will eventually get her only dessert! “Did someone say dessert?” Oh man, that’s Daniel Vogelbach.

Christian Yelich – Indicates no physical limitations affecting his play over the past year. Um, is this good news?

Nick Anderson – Has undergone elbow surgery and he won’t be back until after the 2022 All-Star game, that is to say. Dot dot. In 2025?

Charlie Morton – Broke his collarbone in the World Series, then threw the ball at it in another round. Adrenaline is the best drug available. Well, next to Robitussin. No tusslin ‘with’ tussin! Morton says he’ll be ready for Spring Training, but this could change anytime between now and then.

Ronald Acuna Jr. – Said he plans to return in May. So he should be ready for Opening Day once owners and players figure out their differences, right? The right? Ugh, hope.

Manny Pina – Signed with brave. Clearly, brave did not celebrate their World Series championship. After champagne, they switch to Manny Pina‘NS. I’ve liked Pina for a long time, recruited him many times. If only there was another word for many… Manny… Manny… Manny. Damn, guess nothing. If the French Terminator d’Arnaud misses the time, as he always does, Pina can sneak in for a solid second catch value. For 2022, I will give Manny Pina projections of 11/29/32 / .221 in 234 AB.

Lance McCullers – Coping with forearm stress. It’s weird for a guy who only throws 96% of the curve. The good news is that his MRI showed no problem with the UCL in his elbow. The bad news is that when the MRI started talking, another patient was screaming and jumping out the window.

Jameson Taillon – Had ankle surgery. He’s partially torn a tendon like a partially torn ticket to a lottery – fingers crossed he’s fine for the 2022 season, but it is said he will start next year on IL. After all, it’s impossible to spell Taillon without an IL.

Seiya Suzuki – Looks like this Japanese star (September 38, .321 / .435/.647) is leaving Japan for the states. If only Seiya had a way to say goodbye.

Andrew Heaney – Signed with Dodgers. It’s funny to me when people spin themselves into a cookie trying to figure out how awesome Heaney is going to be, thanks to his peripherals. What do you know about Heaney peripherals? You haven’t done it yet, but I’ll tell you. The point is, Heaney has had great peripherals for the past four years! Ya know what’s not so great? His career 4.72 ERA. As I said in my ranking last year when I told you not to dismiss him, “Just firing him feels short-sighted, but think about how well we would all do. How about the last seven years of his career if we just fired him.” And that’s me quoting me alluding again to his career 4.72 ERA! He’s not good; I’m sorry. For 2022, I will give Andrew Heaney predicted 8-9/4.36/1.28/145 in 132 IP, felt funny optimism and remained undraftable in many leagues.

Wade Miley – Declared disclaimer by Block. What a joke. Not that I love Miley, but he’s a solid real-world starter. NS Red are wrapping up the 2022 season last November, and they desperately need to make changes to the CBA, which isn’t even fun. Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad, shouting to all the tank crews, “They can’t keep ignoring this!” It’s not like getting rid of Miley’s bumps Greene HunterPromotion day of the same. I don’t care what has to happen, but you can’t have a team that doesn’t try to win. The Major Leagues have become a movie about the real-life Major Leagues. For 2022, I will give Wade Miley predicted 11-11/4.13/1.36/138 out of 171 IPs.

Hunter Harvey – Declared disclaimer by Giant. The past future is closer for O’s will now become 12K/9, closer to 1.5 BB/9 for Giant, because: Of course.

Buster Posey – Retired after a good season and a good career. “Just-fine” encapsulates perfectly Buster Posey. Will ‘just-good’ get him into the Hall of Fame? Let me ask you one thing, is it the Lobby of ‘Just-fine?’ No player of the post-1960s era with less than 2,000 hits has been elected to the Hall of Fame. Do not think Buster Posey, who has 500 hits below that mark, also deserves it. Sorry, I’m The Hater today. Even so, I want to see Buster Posey attempted to block the entrance to the Hall of Fame, then was accused of breaking the rules. Also, one thing I don’t say much about because it’s not really related to fantasy, but: What is it that people talk about now as the criteria for the Hall of Fame that will sound ridiculous in 20 years? I’ll start: framing the pitch. You, as the catcher, take a clear ball and move your glove towards the strike zone. I, the umpire, scream in your ear, “Stop lying!” I look forward to the robot never having to hear about pitch framing again. Now, if we want to talk about how lucky we are to have someone named Buster Posey, I’m a little man in a canoe ready to listen.

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