Dying Light 2 skateboard location: How to ride a skateboard


The first dying light is dotted with lots of large easter eggs. From Excalibur to Super Mario levels, players have a lot to look for years after release. Dying Light 2 is no different. One of the coolest easter eggs that has been found in Dying Light 2 is the Hoverboard. After finding them all, you’ll be rewarded with a Parkour Challenge where you ride a Hoverboard. Here are all the locations and how to ride the hoverboard in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2’s skateboard position

  1. The first location is on Saint Paul’s Island in the Central Roundabout. Military Airdrop THB-1N4 is where you will find your first Hoverboard. You will first need to grab the power cord at the bottom and then climb up the church to activate the power source near the bell. Then climb to the top and listen to the radio. First hoverboard will appear in the corner. Interact with it and follow the red footprint.
  2. The southernmost bridge at Muddy Grounds is your next stop. You can follow the red footprint all the way there using your Survival Scan, or you can simply place it to the bridge. In the middle leaning against the rails is the next skateboard. Snag it and follow the footprint to the final location.
  3. The last hoverboard is located in the southwest corner of the same county. It will be hidden in blue car trunk. Open the trunk, interact with the Hoverboard and you will be able to start the Parkour Hoverboard Challenge.

How to Ride Hoverboard

Now that you’ve done the steps to unlock the Hoverboard, you’ll have the option to start the Challenge. Like the standard timed Parkour Challenge, The skateboard challenge will reward you with lots of parkour XP. 70 seconds will give you gold and 1032 parkour experience, 90 seconds is silver with 516 parkour experience and bronze is 150 seconds with 258 parkour XP.

Considering it’s an easter egg, the Hoverboard’s mechanism isn’t fully ironed, which makes it difficult to handle. It seems to work similarly to Paraglider and Upgrading your Paraglider will make the Hoverboard more manageable. It’s a pity that the Hoverboard can’t be unlocked when moving freely, but this is a great easter egg you won’t want to pass up.

And that’s it. Now you know where and how to ride the Hoverboard in Dying Light 2. For easter eggs, tips, and mission help, check out our other installments Dying Light 2 . Tutorial.

Dying Light 2 Now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

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