Dying Light 2: All Quiz Answers

In this apocalyptic world of Dying Light 2, connecting with different people can help you move on with the game. While these people can act as an instructor, while interacting with them they can test your knowledge like a quiz. While most questions require correct answers, some trick questions do not require correct answers. If you complete these quizzes successfully, they can earn you many rewards. So here is our guide to all the correct answers in every puzzle in Dying Light 2.

All quiz answers in Dying Light 2

Let’s start with the Infected Mind test. This is a side quest involving Mr. Z when he asks you about different types of Infections. He will ask you to help him with his research on the Infected. To get started with the quiz, answer Guaranteed. These are all suitable answers to the following questions asked.

Intelligence riddles infected with correct answers

#Q1: Have you come across one that can jump higher than others?
A: The correct answer is Banshee.

#Q2: Furthermore when retreating it leaves a trail, do you know what infection I am referring to?
A: The correct answer is Bolter.

#Q3: It creates a toxic mist around other monsters and some survivors believe it brings the dead back to life. Does that ring any bells?
ONE: Revenant.

#Q4: And which infected type would you say has the most explosive temper?
ONE: Suicide.

Now that you’ve answered them all correctly, let’s start the rewards. Mr. Z will reward you with a unique one a one-handed ax he built, called a Gravedigger together with a playing cards called Goon. Scroll to the end to find the correct answer to all the quizzes in DL 2.

Goats Galore Quiz Right Answers in Dying Light 2

The Goats Galore Quiz is a side quest that includes Kano that can be found at the Pumpkin farm. He will ask questions and test your knowledge of goats. Here is the proper answer to the question in the Goats Galore side quest:

#Q1: What type of Goat is most afraid of?
A: This is a difficult question and You can answer one of three options. The three options are Revenant, Howler, Bolter and choosing any of them will allow you to continue the test.

#Q2: So what does GOAT mean?
ONE: Goats own all territories.

#Q3: How long does the average domestic goat live?
ONE: 12-15 years.

#Q4: How many goats are there in the Villedor crest?
ONE: Two.

#Q5: I mentioned that a goat has four stomachs. Do you know what they help with digestion?
ONE: Grass and hay.

#Q6: Rectangular pupils are one of the most interesting features of goats. But what purpose do they serve?
ONE: Wide angle view.

#Q7: Why a goat and not a cow?
ONE: Smaller Goat.

When you answer all these questions successfully, you will be rewarded 400 old world coins.

Those who are interested Questions with correct answers in DL 2

Before you start with the test, assign power stations in Garrison to survivors. Go to the Herald, who will be at the pumpkin farm. He will give a small talk about his past life and ask you to answer his four questions. Option Good to start the test. These are the correct answers:

# Q1: Who is the bazaar pulling the strings?
ONE: Cunning.

#Q2: A rather humorous woman works at the library. But I, the Herald, who knew a lot of things, couldn’t remember her name. Do you know her?
ONE: Thalia.

#Q3: Mentioning a person tends to excite her. Do you know who that is?
ONE: Her father.

#Q4: Driscoll from the Carriers Association has acquired an interesting nickname. Do you know it?
ONE: Professor.

death light 2 all questions and answers herald
Image source – AMHarbinger on YouTube.

The messenger will reward you with a Software Villedor Newscast there is a short recording of VNC. Along with the artifact, you will also receive a reward of 200 old world coins.

The correct answer to the historical question

History Quiz is a side quest related to Jax. He will ask you questions about the history of the Harran virus and the Villedor region. Here are the appropriate answers to choose from:

#Q1: What event has gone down in history as Black Monday?
ONE: The chemical bombings of 2025.

#Q2: Let’s discuss the March Massacre. Do you remember what happened that day?
ONE: Army kills 64 civilians protesting arms confiscation.

#Q3: Do you remember when the Harran incident happened?
ONE: Spring 2014.

After you successfully answer all the questions correctly, Jax will reward you Artifact of the Catacombs. You will also be rewarded with 400 old world coins.

Those are all the right answers to every puzzle in Dying Light 2. If you enjoyed this tutorial, you can check out our other tutorials on choose between Sophie or Aitor, how to use double jumpand all the easter eggs in DL 2 right here on Gamer Tweak.

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