Dustin Post sentenced to 50 years in prison

Dustin Post

Warning: this story contains disturbing details about child sexual abuse.

A 26-year-old man from Western New York sentenced to 50 years was jailed Monday for the production and possession of child pornography, crimes federal prosecutors say are part of a “reign of terror” that spanned from the age of 15 until the defendant was 15 years old. 24 years old.

In that period, Dustin Postof Fredonia, NY, “had a life characterized almost exclusively by predatory sexual behavior […] left nine children and one adult woman in his wake and the entire community reeling,” the government said in a sentencing memo.

While the government asked Post to be sentenced to the statutory maximum sentence of 1,920 months (160 years) with the aim of showing that “the defendant’s crimes are punishable by life in prison,” the defense asked the court for the Post. another chance with 15 years in prison. Mandatory minimum sentence.

The Post’s sentencing statement said the defendant was never given many opportunities in life, noting that he was sexually abused as a child and abused by relatives; experiencing mental health struggles; raised by a neglectful mother with no father in the picture; bathed as a child with an elderly man while his mother was in the room; and didn’t even know how to bathe himself as a teenager – believe what his mother had to say about showering being bad for the skin.

The memo said “basically raised himself without any guidance,” the memo said. Defendant included as evidence a letter from a man identified as Randy Truax, who said he oversaw Post on a work program. Truax said that Post, at 18, “never been taught to brush.” Truax also said that “Post’s maturity is below normal.” For example, Post watched the Disney Channel to learn how to talk to people, Truax wrote.

Now, Truax notes, Post is the father of a 5-year-old son. Post said he has converted to Christianity since being incarcerated for his crimes and now understands how much harm he has caused.

But prosecutors repeatedly noted in their sentencing memos that the Post was a matter of fact rather than repentance in the face of investigators:

[T]defendant used threats, grooming and deception to produce child pornography describing himself as having raped a 12-year-old girl (“MV1”) twice. Specifically, according to the defendant, while the defendant and his wife were babysitting MV1 and her siblings, he devised a ruse in which he told MV1 that his young son had been kidnapped. and the only way to get you back is to send a video. her “is doing something naughty.” PSR ¶ 37. His goal is to record himself sexually abusing MV1. He haphazardly described his tricks to investigators as “how [he] set it to get [his] experience.” ID.

MV1 told a much more unsettling story. According to MV1, the defendant had previously attempted to photograph her naked or in her underwear after he entered her bedroom uninvited. ID. ¶ 46. He offered her sex by telling her – a 12-year-old girl – that he and his wife had “an open relationship”. ID. In the end, when those efforts were unsuccessful, the defendant carried out the ruse described above.

The government said the Post committed such sexual abuse over and over again against girls between the ages of 12 and 12, whose relatives include:

In contrast, PSR [pre-sentence report] detailing the defendant’s years of sexual misconduct and abuse, including sex with animals, internet solicitation of minors, anthology of child pornography and abuse Real sex at least nine children between the ages of three months and 12 years old.

Defendant began abusing children at the age of 15. As he confessed to himself, he became sexually aroused while changing the diapers of two of his infant relatives, sexually abusing them and “estimated that he ejaculated on them 100 times.”

Prosecutors say Post tried to minimize his actions by claiming he “blacked out” when he forced a 12-year-old girl to “perform oral sex on him on his bus.” school in front of friends,” the document said. Prosecutors also said that Post downplayed its actions in other ways:

When discussing how he had sexually assaulted his wife’s teenage relative, he claimed that she had “come” to him.

He describes his MV1 sexual coercion as “oral only”.

Memorandum signed by Assistant United States Attorney David Rudroff going into even more graphic and disturbing detail about the Post’s criminality:

Sexually abused 3 children before the age of 18, but the defendant did not stop there. He kidnapped an 8-year-old girl he was supposed to take to a birthday party and sexually abused her at a mansion in Fredonia. He blindfolded the young girl and told her that he was putting a sponge in her mouth so she could guess the taste. Instead, he forced his penis into her mouth – a trick he called “the sucking game”.

The defendant also anal raped an 11-year-old girl relative of his wife after soliciting her to send him child pornography, perform oral sex on a three-year-old girl while The baby’s mother, recovering from a seizure, attempted to rape a 13-year-old girl. – a girl was cut with a knife, and tied up four and six-year-old sisters with a string of lights for him to play sucking, then drugged them with sleeping pills, raped a passerby anal and attempted to rape the other.

Prosecutors also said that Post’s “sexual immorality” included anal rape of at least one adult female victim (“I basically raped you anal. “, he allegedly told her) and had sex with his family dogs.

Finally, US District Judge Lawrence Vilardo offered a 50-year sentence that was much closer to the government’s life sentence than the mandatory minimum demanded by the defense.

The Justice Department said the investigation began in 2019 after New York State Police received a report from a parent about a child being sexually abused.

[Image via Chautauqua County District Attorney’s Office]

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