Dustin Hice’s lawsuit against Don Lemon Falls Apart

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Complaint against Don Lemon 2019 done silly accusationsclaims that the CNN host assaulted the plaintiff Dustin Hice at a bar in the Hamptons last summer. But recent court filings show Hice’s case is falling apart, with a judge ordering Hice to pay Lemon more than $77,000 in attorneys’ fees, not one, but one two the plaintiff’s main witnesses turned to the defense.

By Hice complaint testified that on July 15, 2018, he was a Florida resident working in the summer as a bartender in the Hamptons and his employer, George Gounelas, decided to close early. The two went to another bar in the area, Murf’s Backstreet Tavern, along with a patron of the bar originally identified in the complaint as “Jane Roe.”

While at Murf’s, Hice recognized Lemon and, according to the complaint, offered to buy him a “lemon drop” drink, but Lemon refused.

The complaint then describes the alleged assault, claiming Lemon approached Hice and his friends:

At that time, Mr. Chanh, who was wearing shorts, sandals, and a T-shirt, put his hand down the front of his own shorts and then rubbed his genitals hard, removed his hand and inserted it into the middle and the middle. finger on Plaintiff’s mustache under Plaintiff’s nose.

Mr. Lemon shoved his fingers into Plaintiff’s face under Plaintiff’s nose, forcing Plaintiff’s head backward as Defendant repeatedly asked Plaintiff “Do you like pussy or dick?”. As he spoke, Mr. Chanh continued to put his finger in Nguyen’s face with an aggressive and hostile attitude.

The complaint said Hice was “shocked and humiliated” and “mentally devastated” by the alleged assault, saying he “lived in fear” when he encountered Lemon again, he said. He found it difficult to continue working in the Hamptons, other Hamptons locals mocked him, and he suffered emotional trauma, including having attempted suicide.

From the very beginning, Lemon was flatly denied these accusations. CNN Spokesperson tell Mediaite after the lawsuit was filed that the lawsuit followed Hice’s “unsuccessful threats and exorbitant amounts of money,” which a source familiar with the matter described as including a claim. “blackmail” demand for $1.5 million just before Lemon is scheduled to host a Democratic primary debate in the summer of 2019.

CNN also points out that Hice has deleted social media posts attacking CNN, including taking down his Twitter account. A purported January 2017 Instagram post on Hice’s account shows him posing in front of CNN’s Atlanta headquarters. The caption reads “touring the #CNN hub today… or as #Trump would say ‘home of Fake News’ lol.” At some point, Hice reinstated his Twitter account. and keep writing attack CNNinclude some specific reference his case. Many tweets express support for the former President Donald Trump and at least once, he tweeted at Trump about the case.

Major cracks appeared in Hice’s case early on, in the discovery process (for those who aren’t attorneys, it’s the pre-trial period in which both parties are allowed to make claims. documents and other evidence from each other and from the parties involved, including affidavits of payment).

A series of court battles ensued over Hice’s posts on Instagram, Twitter and text messages, with Lem’s attorney. Caroline Polisi repeatedly filed a petition against Hice to comply with the court’s discovery order.

In one alphabet appeared in court June 21, 2021, Polisi quoted the Court Judge Steven Locke from a recent hearing where he noted Hice’s repeated non-compliances and ordered him to present evidence by January 15, 2021. Hice “did nothing to preserve relevant evidence.” concerned here and in fact removed some of the evidence, intentional or not,” says Locke, describing Hice’s behavior as looking “like a pattern, and that pattern is a problem.”

In fact that is a problem, a big problem, for Hice, because there is a civil proceeding in which if one party is found to have destroyed evidence in bad faith, the other party can file a motion Sanctions can include the removal of an entire claim from the plaintiff’s case (or defense of the respondent), demanding payment of attorneys’ fees and costs, and even instructions to jurors. union that they should draw an “adverse inference” against party destroys evidence.

And that is exactly what happened. On October 1, 2021, in a proposal nearly 30 pages long with dozens of galleries, Polisi filed motion for sanctions against Hice for releasing evidence and other misconduct. In the motion, Polisi describes how Hice has admitted to “fabricating bad faith and tampering with witnesses” and has “selectedly destroyed countless text messages, social media posts and messages, as well as photographs indictment, believing that this evidence would harm him in litigation. ”

Furthermore, subpoenaed text messages from Gounelas show Hice offering him financial compensation in exchange for favorable testimony, Polisi argued. In the initial demotion, Gounelas supported Hice’s claims. But after Lemon’s legal counsel confronted Gounelas with his own text-message chats, he admitted during a second protest that Hice had indeed asked him to assist with the sentence. his story and withdraw his earlier testimony.

During that second takedown, Gounelas testified that he “assumed” that Hice’s text messages sent to him meant that Hice would “give me something if he won something.” . That, clearly what he was alluding to… And he said, ‘I get you.’ I guess, again, like, I guess he’s hinting that if he gets anything, he’ll take care of me with the money.”

The “Jane Roe” issue is another interesting one, and one that is extremely detrimental to Hice. He initially attempted to conceal her identity, omitting her name and contact information from the requested witness list and other disclosures. “Jane Roe” is finally revealed to be a woman named Isabel Petersand in response to the subpoena, Peters provided screenshots of numerous text messages and photos exchanged between her and Hice that were dated several weeks after the alleged Murf’s incident.

The text messages reveal two “disturbing cases,” Polisi wrote, in which Hice and Gounelas broke into Lemon’s residential area in the Hamptons, taking pictures of themselves, including one in which Hice was “holding a lemon in front of her own genitals.”

hice and gounelas invade don lemon

Screenshot from Don Lemon’s End Punishment Ending Act Memorandum, showing photographs of Dustin Hice and George Gounelas, allegedly trespassing on Lemon’s residential property.

Hice texted Peters that he wanted to put Lem’s face on a t-shirt and wrote other insults about Lemon, including referring to the openly gay CNN host as “A REAL CAWKSUKAAAA!!”

Hice was unable to release any of these text messages or photos in response to the subpoena and later admitted that he had intentionally deleted them.

Contrary to the claims in the lawsuit that “Jane Roe” witnessed the alleged meeting between Hice and Lemon and would support Hice’s claims, Peters’ actual testimony is quite the opposite.

Peters described both Hice and Gounelas as “out of control, screaming and screaming,” constantly harassing Lemon, even though the CNN host wanted nothing to do with them. Not only did she deny seeing anything as Hice claimed, but she testified that Gounelas was speaking to her at the time the alleged incident took place and was therefore unable to witness it herself. (which Gounelas eventually corroborated, after corroborating Peters’ testimony). Peters also testified that it was Hice who told her that Lemon “didn’t even touch him,” but merely “put… my hand in his face.”

This evidence, Polisi argued, contradicts Hice’s claims that he “lived in fear” when he saw Lemon again and was “emotionally distressed” and “socially isolated” because shame over the alleged incident, “the fact that Plaintiff follow Brother lemon throughout the Summer of 2018 as part of a pattern of harassing behavior, which began with his unwanted, incessant actions toward Mr. Lemon at the bar in July 2018”

Judge Judge Locke again rule in favor of Lem. “Hice’s conduct, in its entirety, describes an attempt to mislead this Court by attacking the integrity of the proceeding and must be dealt with accordingly,” Locke wrote, ordering the jurors. the union deduced against Hice and let him pay Lemon’s attorney fees. Locke refuse to rule that the text messages between Gounelas and Hice were evidence that Hice tried to bribe Gounelas, but Lemon could still make that argument at trial, if the case continues this far.

Polisi filed a claim for $106,000 in attorneys’ fees and expenses, and a order from Locke on Wednesday dropped a bit (a standard practice), ruling that Hice owes Lemon $77,119.33.

Both Peters and Gounelas are currently listed as witnesses for defense in the updated Polisi file.

But please wait a moment.

William Erdmanna gay man who attended high school with Hice in Boynton Beach, Fla., appeared after seeing on Twitter a clip of Hice being interviewed via Megyn Kelly on her podcast of the same name. Erdmann retweeted the clip from The Megyn Kelly Show and called Hice’s claims “fake”.

In high school, Erdmann tweeted, Hice and his friends tweeted “MANY THINGS he is accusing Don Lemon of” and “bullying me so badly for being gay that I had to transfer high schools.” study in my second year of high school”.

Erdmann described bullying in an affidavit filed by Polisi in court, and it really does sound. remarkably similar against Hice’s claims in the lawsuit against Lemon.

The case is still waiting in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, although it remains to be seen what kind of case Hice can expect to bring to court as his key witnesses are currently testifying in the defense. There were text messages that could be seen as an attempt to bribe a witness, and it was part of a court filing that he intentionally destroyed evidence. Jurors tend to find that that kind of behavior means that the plaintiff is unreliable, and that adverse direction from the judge will only further undermine any remaining credibility Hice might have.

A source close to Lemon told Mediaite that they were frustrated to wait for the legal proceedings to proceed but that it was “really gratifying” to see the court recognize that Hice’s case was “a scam”. completely fake” and try to “take the money” from the start.

Mediaite contacted Hice’s attorney but received no response. A CNN spokesperson referred us to Polisi, who declined to comment.

This article has been updated with additional information.

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