Dr.’s TikTok video Karl’s talk about how often you should change your bed linens amazes the internet

How often should you wash your bedding? It seems some of us probably don’t do it enough.

Doctor Poonam Desai from the USA has explained how bed linen can collect dirt, sweat, body oils and other debris.

Without regular cleaning, dirty bedding can lead to skin infections, allergies, asthma and more, she warned.

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“How often should you wash your bedding? It should be once a week,” said Dr. Desai in her Instagram video.

She says sheets are a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, dust mites, dead skin cells and even feces.

“Yes, feces, especially if you sleep naked, if you sleep with pets, if you sleep with your toddlers, or if you do other things in your bed, you can get fecal matter on your bedding,” said Dr. Desai.

“The fecal bacteria in your feces can grow, and all of these things like dust mites, dead skin, bacteria and fungi can cause asthma and eczema to worsen and lead to rashes and even infections.”

She pointed to a British study in which a group of single men admitted to never changing their bed sheets for at least four months, while others went even longer between washes.

Dr. Desai urged everyone to also clean their pillowcases and bed covers regularly.

Her video has been viewed more than 2.6 million times – and many are spilling their dirty laundry secrets.

Doctor Poonam Desai reveals how often you should wash your bed linen. Credit: Dr. Poonam Desai

“Wow, every week? I do mine every 10 days. They honestly smell good. Never had any problems. Once it even lasted two weeks. Still no problem. I think it depends on the person and how much bacteria is growing in their sheets,” said one.

Another shared: “Honestly I do this every two weeks but I’m often gone for days.”

One joked: “I’m burning my bed linen right now. Bye!”

Another suggested: “Omg. You could definitely sell detergent with this message. “So big.”

One said: “I rescued a single man seven years ago and I can tell you home training was no joke.”

At the beginning of the year, Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki on how often you should change your main bedding. Credit: Dr. Charles

At the beginning of the year, Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki has published a simple guide that explains exactly how often you should change your main bedding.

“How often do you wash your bedding? The science says this is probably not enough,” said Dr. Charles.

The Australian scientist suggested changing bedding every two weeks. However, if you live in a sweaty environment, he recommended switching twice a week.

“Why do you have to change your sheets? “Well, every day you create about a gram and a half of dead skin cells on your skin, which attracts and feeds a million dust mites,” said Dr. Charles.

“The skin also secretes oils and sweat and on the other hand it can happen that you have a small fart in bed.”

The scientist suggested that people should change their bedding every two weeks. Image from a photo agency. Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Dr. Karl recommended washing bedding more frequently in the warmer months because you’re likely to get more sweat on your bedding.

“If you’re in a very sweaty environment and you’re sweating during the day and then you come home all sweaty – and then you don’t shower before bed and you don’t wear pajamas – (changing sheets) twice a week,” he said.

But in cooler times and under different circumstances, Dr. Karl to wash the bed linen at least every two weeks.

“The other extreme is the cold environment, you don’t sweat, you wear pajamas and you shower before bed – maybe every few weeks. The average is every two weeks,” he said.

Dirty laundry habits

Dr. Karl pointed to a British study that revealed people’s dirty habits.

“According to a survey in England, four percent of Brits wash their bed linen once a year,” he said.

“Men who are in a relationship wash their sheets once a month and men who are not in a relationship wash every six weeks, which could explain why they are not in a relationship.”

According to the Sleep FoundationDust mites can cause skin rashes and irritation and can worsen allergy symptoms in many people.

“Dust mites can sometimes cause health problems,” said Dr. Charles.

If you have pets and let them sleep in your bed, we recommend washing them every three to four days.

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Dr. Karl explains how often you should wash our bed linen

Dr. Karl explains how often you should wash our bed linen

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