“Don’t Take It Credentialed”: Tom Cottom Skewers Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee On This Horrible Matter

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Senator Josh Hawley is not the only GOP senator to have cut the tongue for Biden Supreme Court nominee Kentanji Brown Jackson; During Wednesday’s hearing, Senator Tom Cotton also joined in and spoke directly to Jackson about her history of being shockingly gentle on the crime of child pornography.

Actually, Cotton stuck with a problem special: the case of child pornographer Wesley Hawkins. Kentanji Jackson pardoned him with a slap on the wrist when he was sentenced in 2013, as Cotton points out, saying:

“The sentencing guidelines for this charge call for a sentence of 97 to 121 months, or eight to ten years. Prosecutors asked for 24 months; you sentenced him to three months. “

From 121 months to 3 months! That’s an astonishing level of leniency for any criminal, but especially shocking and deplorable when you remember that it was a case involving child pornography.

In any case, Cotton continued her takedown from there, hitting her for a second clemency case with the same child pornographer:

We’ve heard a lot about this case and your three-month prison sentence for Wesley Hawkins. But you have another crack with him in 2019, judge. In 2019, you put Wesley Hawkins back in custody with the prison office for six months, with additional restrictions on his computer use. ”

So the same child pornographer committed the same heinous crime and she doubled her sentence… to half a year. And that’s when he should have been locked up, according to federal sentencing guidelines, for about 10 years after his first crime!

Cotton then questioned, referring to the six months she had sentenced him to prison after the second offence, asking “”That’s double the amount of time in custody you sentenced him to in 2013. What did Wesley Hawkins do in 2019, Your Honor?

As is usual in hearings, Jackson declined to answer, saying “Oh, I don’t remember, senator. I have a lot of defendants that I have convicted.

Cotton doesn’t let her go easily. Not only did he show her her signature on the court order for the 2nd case, but he also noted that “It was in the news – for days on end. This outrage happened in 2019 and now you’re saying you don’t have any recollection of it. ”

When she seemed to insist that she didn’t remember the case, Senator Cotton asked her about it, saying:

Do you really expect this committee to believe that you don’t remember what happened in this Hawkins case?

She finally answered that question, saying “Yes, senator, I ask you to believe; that is my testimony.

At that point, Cotton detonated her and skewered her because she appeared to lack credibility, saying:

Well, I find it unreliable, please rate it. It’s been in the news for days – you’ve been asked about it probably more than any other case you’ve ever come across and I just don’t find it credible that you weren’t prepared for it in 2019 .”

“You know what I think?. I think he got caught with child pornography again, and it wouldn’t have happened if he had spent the eight to 10 years in prison that the guide asked for in 2013 when you first sentenced him.

Boom. Cotton understands. “Don’t Take It Credentialed”: Tom Cottom Skewers Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee On This Horrible Matter

Jake Nichol

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