Don’t Starve – Can You Kill Treeguards?

There’s nothing quite like taking a walk in the woods in Don’t Starve. The birds are chirping, the pig people are roaming about and all is well. You might stop to chop down some free to make a bonfire or some wooden armor and suddenly find yourself besieged by a massive, angry-looking tree lashing out at you. This powerful creature is a tree guardian.

Tree Wardens are boss monsters that live in forests and around all kinds of evergreen trees. They have very high health and can quickly kill you in three hits if you’re not wearing armor. You have a 1.33% chance to spawn each time you chop down an Evergreen Tree. Only one Tree Warden can spawn for the first thirty days of Don’t Starve, but another can spawn after the eightieth day. They are intimidating for new players, but rest assured that you can kill them and even have the means to divert aggro from them.

Firstly, if you have trouble killing a tree guard, you can turn it back into a normal tree by planting pine cones around it. If you get close enough to them, planting a pine cone gives you a 33% chance of them returning to normal, which is a lot safer than fighting. Tree Wardens will follow anyone caught cutting down trees and hunt them down indefinitely.

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The thing about Treeguards is that they are actually one of the easiest of all the bosses in the game. Since they are so slow, you can easily kite them and then land a few hits. Since they’re a tree (duh), you can also set them on fire for some decent damage. It may take some time due to their high health, but all you have to do is be out of range when they punch at you, run in and attack them 2 or 3 times, and then run out of range of their slam attack again. Rinse and repeat. If you want the fight to be even easier, have the tree guard follow you to a pig village and the pig people will surround it and deal continuous damage.

Even if you’re a new player, there’s good reason to keep an eye out for Treeguards, as they drop living logs. These living logs are required to craft many magic items and can be used as an additional source of food when you use them to craft Mushroom Planters in Don’t Starve Together.

In Don’t Starve there are certain locations called Set Pieces. These are areas where certain items spawn enemies in certain ways that can bring great benefit or harm to players. They’re rare, but you’ll encounter them throughout your time in Don’t Starve. One of these set pieces is the Living Forest, where up to 10 Tree Wardens can spawn and attack you at the same time. It’s random, but be careful with this set piece as you can find it from day one.

Tree guards may seem scary, but they all bark and don’t bite much if you’re careful. There are many ways you can kill them or even stop them from attacking you, so use all your resources. Don’t Starve – Can You Kill Treeguards?

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