Disney Dreamlight’s Scrooge McDuck is awful alongside Tom Nook

Scrooge McDuck talks to the Disney Dreamlight Valley player character in his shop.

screenshot: Gameloft/Kotaku

You might have rolled your eyes at the modern take on Tom Nook, animal crossing‘s capitalist overlord. You know, the one where people try to say that it’s perfectly fine that he burdens you with crushing debt and constant house improvements you don’t want, while waving his hand away at the fact that he’s predatory control about the economy in your little paradise. But, you know what? After playing the new Disney, take on the animal crossing Life sim genre, I tend to agree with these indulgent guys. Maybe Tom Nook isn’t that bad after all. Not compared to Scrooge McDuck.

Although they share DNA in terms of mechanics, Disney Dreamlight Valley is structured very differently animal crossing. For one thing, Scrooge doesn’t start out as the big dog in town, even though he has tons of cash and could probably buy the entire house right away. For some reason he needs you, the player, to help him reopen his run down shop. Nook will send you on errands too, of course, but Scrooge is a total prat from the start.

For one, this duck talks to you about the value of investing at a time when dark magic is overrunning the whole city, making people disappear and everyone else is slowly forgetting everything about themselves. Tell me, good sir, who spends coins in your store when Mickey Mouse can’t remember what his wife looks like? What value does money have in the post-apocalypse, apart from being? a cold, metallic substance that you can swim in? Why let me make your shop more attractive when you clearly have the capital to have this done by hired hands, or could even use the money? to help one of your neighbors from impending doom? What the hell.

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But fine, sure. We’re here to rebuild, and eventually all those menacing thorns and spooky mists that destroy everything will go away, leaving us once again to worry about giving all our money to the rich. But then this asshole wants me to help him promote the place to a clientele who’s starting to lose their minds again. To achieve this Scrooge demands that I put on A SHIRT OF HIS OWN FACE SO THE OTHER VILLAGERS CAN SEE and remember yes the economy must never stop even though 99% of my friends and family may have died.

He wears Scrooge McDuck's shirt in his shop while making a sign to advertise his merchandise in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

screenshot: Gameloft/Kotaku

While wearing this shirt, he asks me to go outside and put up signs pointing out his shop, which I think has less to do with advertising per se and more to do with acknowledging that everyone has severe dementia. After all, there are only about three utility buildings in the entire city at this point in the game. It’s hard to miss when a massive department store has its lights on as everything is cast in perpetual darkness. But since I’m my own asshole, I just placed whatever sign Scrooge gave me right in front of his shop and not somewhere it might be useful. I don’t sully my city ​​with this capitalist garbage. I just need your friendship points, old man.

Throughout all of this, his dialogue is incorrigible when you talk to him. If you ask him why you are doing all the hard work, he dismisses you and actually says: he did the hard work back then [situation that does not apply or matter to the task at hand]. If you leave the conversation, he doesn’t say goodbye. He wishes you a bullish day in the stock market. And the big reward for reopening the economy? Of course, the privilege of giving Scrooge more money in his shop. However, he doesn’t let you preview something you can’t afford, so don’t start poorly getting any weird ideas.

I’m still fairly early in the game and I know all of this is meant to be endearing, if not quite faithful to the actual character. It’s Scrooge, for heaven’s sake. It would be weird if he was a generous guy, wouldn’t it? Still, it’s hard not to shy away a little from everything Scrooge wants from me, given the kind of character he is. Why is he asking me to sell precious gems at Goofy’s booth, the marketplace that usually booms with $1 seedlings? Can I help him launder money? Why doesn’t he leave Goofy’s business alone anyway? He’s got an empire, Goofy just wants to do his thing! Stop pushing him to expand!

It’s possible that I’m misunderstanding him and that over time I’ll find out that despite all the financial talk, he’s actually a pretty good guy. But this asshole makes even friendship difficult. His favorite things happen to be the rarest items in the game that are worth the most money. Sure, Scrooge, I’ll give you a GOLD BAR for some stock tips. tf

Scrooge McDuck asks for a gold bar in Disney Dream Valley.

screenshot: Gameloft/Kotaku

Sorry I ever put you down Tom Nook. After all, you’re a cool guy. And hey, at least with Scrooge, you know exactly what you’re getting because he never tries to hide it.

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