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Several directors who have worked with Bruce Willis In recent years, he recently spoke to the Los Angeles Times about working with the actor and the concerns they have about his memory and safety.

It was recently announced that Willis has retired from acting after being diagnosed with aphasia, a speech disorder caused by brain damage that affects a person’s ability to communicate.

What Willis went through while working in this state is provided by the directors of some of his recent films, as Willis had trouble remembering his dialogue. Mike Burnswho pointed Willis in From deathshared that he was asked to reduce the actor’s speaking roles in his film.

Burns wrote in an email back in 2020: “It looks like we need to reduce Bruce’s page count by about five pages. We also need to cut his dialogue down a bit so there’s no monologues etc.” He continued, “After the first day of working with Bruce I was able to see it firsthand and I realized there was a bigger issue at stake here stood and why I had been asked to shorten his lines.”

The director ended up shooting all of Willis’ dialogue in a single day, which took up about 25 pages of the script. Burns was asked to direct a follow-up film entitled Wrong place, and was told that Willis would be able to do a better job than the first time. Burns commented, “I didn’t think he was any better; I found him worse. After we were done, I said, ‘I’m done. I will not do any other Bruce Willis films.’ I’m relieved he’s taking some time off.”

Another director who recently worked with Willis was Jesse V Johnson in the movie white elephant. He had previously worked with the actor years ago as a stuntman. Johnson explained, “It was clear he wasn’t the Bruce I remembered.”

The filmmaker said he was asked to lead Willis in another film afterwards, but declined. He said: “Further in our experience white elephant, it was decided as a team that we wouldn’t do another one. We’re all Bruce Willis fans and the arrangement felt wrong and ended up being a pretty sad ending to an incredible career that none of us felt comfortable with.”

The report goes on to say that while Willis’s film shoots in recent years have been limited to just two days with just eight hours of work per day, sources say the actor only worked four hours. It was also revealed that Willis sometimes had to feed his lines through an earpiece from an actor who traveled with Willis to those jobs. Also, as you might expect, most of the action sequences in these films required a body double for Willis.

There was an incident that was mentioned in the article about a film he made in 2020 with the title Grand Murder. Willis ended up firing a blank loaded gun at the wrong cue, which shook the cast and crew. an actor in the movie, Lala KentShe was in a scene where she had to duck before Willis fired the gun in her direction. Willis was supposed to verbally cue her to duck before firing, but he never said his sentence and fired the gun.

Kent said: “Because I had my back to him, I wasn’t aware of what was happening behind me. But the first time it was like, ‘No big deal, let’s reset.'” Kent told the director Matt Eskandari to remind Willis to say his line when they took the next shot, but he forgot again.

It’s really hard to hear these stories, but it gives us a little insight into what was going on. A lot of people have made life difficult for Willis because of the string of films he’s been making over the past few years, but the guy was just trying to work and do what in the difficult circumstances he was in he loved.

I’m a big fan of Willis and the films he’s done throughout his career. He’s done a lot of great and great work. Of course he didn’t want his career to end like this, it’s really very sad, but I hope he and his family enjoy his retirement. We wish Willis and his family all the best.

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