Destiny 2 Forbearance God Roll Guide – PvP and PvE

Special ammo grenade launchers in Destiny 2 seem to keep popping up in players’ inventories. Whether blinding enemies, dealing huge damage to bosses, or eliminating masses of enemies, grenade launchers are always a good choice. Forbearance is no exception and has quickly become one of the best gauge-clearing weapons in the game due to its large damage and wide perk pool. Not only that, but Forbearance can also come with enhanced perks, making it stand out from its competition.

In PvE, Forbearance is a powerhouse of a weapon. Due to its status as an arc damage wave frame, a draw from Forbearance can wipe out an entire group of enemies with ease while also dealing significant damage to some higher health targets. In PvP, Forbearance is quite overwhelming due to the strength of some other grenade launchers. That being said, Forbearance can come in handy when paired with a high-damage primary weapon.

This is how you get leniency

Forbearance is a weapon that drops exclusively in the Disciple’s Oath raid. The grenade launcher also doesn’t drop until the second and final encounter of the raid, so players may need to do a few runs before getting the weapon. However, once acquired, you can purchase multiple versions of the grenade launcher with Spoils of Conquest after completing the raid. Forbearance also drops as an Adept weapon when playing in the master version of Vow of the Disciple.

Forbearance Statistics

  • Blast radius: 55
  • Speed: 77
  • Stability: 34
  • Settlement: 73
  • Rounds per minute: 72
  • Magazine: 1

PvE god scroll

  • Barrel: quick start
  • Magazine: high-speed rounds
  • Perk 1: Ambitious Assassin (Advanced)
  • Perk 2: Chain Reaction (extended)
  • Mod: specification mod

PvP god scroll

  • Barrel: quick start
  • Magazine: high-speed rounds
  • Advantage 1: Steady hands
  • Advantage 2: Golden tricorne
  • Mod: Icarus Destiny 2 Forbearance God Roll Guide – PvP and PvE

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