DeSantis Just Deals a Huge blow to Left-wing School Administrators and Parents’ Rights Protected

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just dealt another big blow to the left, this time by signing into law CS/HB 1467.

That measure would not only reign on school boards by imposing a four-year term limit on members of that board, but also use most material in school libraries and classrooms below. government surveillance, an act that writers hope will keep pornographic books and publications with radical social messages outside the classroom.

Related passage of bill regarding time limit status:

District school board members will be elected to the November general election for a 4-year term except for one person who may not appear on the ballot for re-election to the office of school board member if, on At the end of the person’s current term, the person will serve, or, in the case of resignation, will serve in that office for 12 consecutive years. Tasks for a term beginning before November 8, 2022, will not count towards the limit imposed by this section.

So those who have served can serve more than four years, but starting in 2022, it will be difficult for leftists on school boards to stay in power by serving for long periods of time.

The bill then provides that not only should school boards be responsible for overseeing what books and instructional materials are used and maintained by schools in their libraries, but also that dispute resolution mechanisms should be in place. if the parent is not satisfied with the document. are being used, sexually explicit materials of any kind are not appropriate for children and use of such materials deemed inconsistent with statute or other laws must be terminated immediately. instantly.

Describing the law and how it will improve Florida’s education system in a stunning press conference, DeSantis first highlighted the bill’s deadline portion, speech:

I’m a big believer in term limits, but you don’t even always have to wait for that to attach. You can vote in the election, If they mistreat your children or if they disobey the law, or if they do anything, you have a chance, because many of them will be running for re-election. . I think school board races don’t usually get a lot of attention.

He then defended the right of parents to be involved in what their children are learning and to have some influence on what is taught, speech:

[T]This is a debate in this country about the role of parents in the education of their children. And I think that in Florida with our Parental Rights Bill, with the bill that we’re going to sign here today, the other bills that we’re going to sign later, we believe that parents not only have role they also have a fundamental role to play in the education of their children. And that’s how it’s going to be in the state of Florida.

“We reject the idea that not only should parents not be involved, but there are some who argue that parents don’t even have a right to know what is being taught in this, that there are actually some places where you can seriously make decisions for these kids and not inform the parents about it.

Given the way the Virginia race plays out, protecting the right of parents to have a say in the educational program will be very popular and will prove helpful to DeSantis in the upcoming election of the district’s superintendent. Florida. DeSantis Just Deals a Huge blow to Left-wing School Administrators and Parents’ Rights Protected

Jake Nichol

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